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Muharram: When ISIS, liberals, mullahs and Atheists unite against Matam and Azadari


Last year, many of us protested and advocated for #AhmedMustafaKanjoo, a Seriaki rights activist who was made missing. Those who protested and advocated for him included a disproportionately high number of those Shia, Sunni Sufis and Hindus who observe Muharram with reverence and engage in its devotional traditions like Matam.

And this is how Kanjoo sahib repaid our efforts after his release – a release that was due to our advocacy for him. He stabbed us in the back with his dagger of prejudice and bigotry, his intolerance for our Matam. Duly noted. If he and his gang of sponsored Atheists and “activists” ever get in trouble again, we will still advocate for their human rights.

Unlike the Shariati leftists, sectarian atheists, political mullahs and failed Trotskyites, basic human rights are not a transactional issue for us. Neither are human rights based on a club membership.

Most importantly, it is not based on the dishonest binary that fraudulently posits conscience/just action as being mutually exclusive from one’s personal beliefs.

Power-hungry politico mullahs create ultimatums between Namaz and Matam and misrepresent the two as mutually exclusive. Similarly, these failed leftists and sectarian atheists peddle similar insidious binaries.

Well these binaries just fell apart, once again. This time in the case of Ahmed Mustafa Kanjoo and his vicious sectarian barbs.

Every Muharram, these gang of Atheists and Mullahs, lefties and liberals gang up against Matam. In another related post, another #DeobandiAtheist chides and abuses Azadars. He misrepresents Azadari as being incongruous with the views of deceased leftist poets and writers from a Shia Muslim background.

Well, those poets have been dead for decades. Therefore we cannot really get their response on the current atmosphere of sectarian and Modernist intolerance against Matam. But we do know that most of them were aware of these practices. They obviously did not share the bigotry of Deobandi atheists and Nasibis – who are misrepresenting the private beleifs of those who have passed away decades ago.

We also know that Pakistan’s most popular resistance poets were supportive of Azadari. Most of them even composed and recited Marsiyas and poetry to commemorate Imam Hussain’s (as) Sacrifice at Karbala. This includes but is not limited to luminaries like Faiz, Jalib and Zamir Niazi who all came from a Sunni background. We know that their atheism did not transform them into frothing Sipah e Sahaba types – unlike the current batch of sectarian atheists.

These Modern Atheists, Commercial liberals and failed lefties have not achieved much besides ingratiating themselves with right wing fascists in the region. They have continued to support military dictators, corrupt bureaucrats and their ideological spawn. In Syria and Libya, they supported the West-backed Al Qaeda. Their contribution to literary activities remains limited to copy pasting glossy images of Hollywood, Lolly-wood and Bollywood. During Muharram, the peddle the hate literature of Sipah e Sahaba, Ibne Taymiyah and Joozi. Their hateful reaction against Matam and Azadari in general comes from their own insecurities. About their failure of their disingenuous politics and general inadequacies.

On the other hand, it is poets like Mir Taqi Mir, Mir Anis, Dabeer and Amir Minai who literally developed the Urdu language.

Was it not Ghalib who wished to be the ember who burnt the enemies of Maula Ali (as). This is arguably the greatest poet of Urdu and his ambition reflects a component of Azadari where the Devotee considers himself/herself as irrelevant to the Sacred beings of God.