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Maryam Nawaz is no Benazir Bhutto


Yes, we all condemn the high handedness of the police against PML N activists. All of us would also like to know how the windscreen of a bullet proof car can crack from a stone?

That must have been one powerful stone thrower whose projectile could crack the screen of a bullet proof car.

However, Maryam Nawaz comparing herself and her spineless father, to Pakistan’s slain political heros is an insult to the memory of the latter. It is an insult to Fatima Jinnah, to Bhutto and his slain family members. It is an insult to ANP, PPP, Mujeeb ur Rahman, Hussein Sohrwardy, Hassan Nasir and Akber Bugti. It is an insult to Razzak Jharna and Usman Tutti.

It is an insult to Benazir Bhutto and Nusrat Bhutto. It is an insult to even the late Kulsoom Nawaz who briefly lead a resistance to the Musharaf dictatorship. Before her husband, Nawaz Sharif cut a deal a deal with the dictator. And fled to a Jeddah palace with 40 suit cases.

Currently, Nawaz Sharif has cut another deal and run away. This time to London. And while his reputation as a “great administrator” has sunk with Lahore during the recent rains, Shahbaz Sharif is desperate for a deal and has tried his best to patch up with the Chaudhry brothers through Khawaja Saad Rafiq.

Punjab is waking up to this reality that those pretending to be Lions are just over hyped cowards whose only goal is looting and self projection. The only people that have not woken up to this reality is the PPP leadership and the incompetent and venal PPP official social media teams.

Senior PPP workers and leaders have recently passed away in Punjab but the party leadership is more busy in being the B team of PML N. Bilawal can visit PML N journalists like Matiullah Jan but he cannot visit the family of Mushtaq Awan, a senior PPP leader. He cannot send a simple tweet to Sagheer Qureishi, a PPP worker of South Punjab who recently passed away.

A Jiyala photo journalist has recently published an image history of the party and has barely recieved any official support from the party as thousands of other Jiyalas have appreciated and shared his work.

Another author and academic has written a beautiful and touching novel that is centered around the time of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s return. “The Infidels of Mecca” is a moving dedication, a copy of which was probably even sent to Bilawal but remains unacknowledged.

This is the reason why PPP is in decline as an organic Federal party. It is not because of some propped up rubbish about “gud performance” by establishment parties like PTI/PML N/MQM/PML Q.

It is because of the growing distance between the PPP leadership and the all important PPP worker. The walls will eventually collapse but after how much damage.

Why is the party leadership following the same liberal elites who have undermined and damaged PPP for decades while working as PML N’s image managers.

The Najam Sethis, the Cyril Almeidas, the Mazhar Abbas etc have always spewed establishment poison against PPP. For the leadership to give importance to such characters while ignoring its life blood, the workers is precisely why they are in this mess.

Most of these sordid characters and sellouts were part of the team manufacturing the rubbish that saw Nusrat Bhutto suffer a life threatening injury as she lead Jiyalas in a protest. The injury was dealt out by the same police working under Maryam Nawaz’s father and uncles. Zardari’s tongue was literally injured with pliers as Nawaz Sharif’s henchmen like Rana Maqbool torutured him to defame Benazir Bhutto.

Was it really necessary for Bilawal to defer to Maryam. Where was she when Bilawal was being threatened by Ehsanullah Ehsan when he exposed PTI’s incompetency?

Where was Maryam just yesterday when NAB cooked up more cases against Zardari and rehashed old ones that had been defeated in courts over a decade ago?