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Bhutto phobia in 2020: Anatomy of PTI beggars


For decades, both the religious right and the commercial liberals abused and slandered Bhutto for taking leadership and ownership of the OIC. Whether it is jealous and petty mullahs or jealous and petty liberals, the script is the same:

“How dare a wine drinking socialist does anything unconventional that exposes our limitations?”

It was Bhutto who created new employment streams for millions of Pakistanis and united Muslim countries beyond sectarian identities.

Today’s young urbanite has been brainwashed to hate Bhutto and will not spare any opportunity to attack him. Because this is what sells. Whether it is denying Bhutto’s diplomatic victory versus Indira at Simla or his mass level economic upliftment, today’s PTI-MQM supporter lives in denial. She/he would rather cater to trashy PTI talking points than accept reality.

Hence Bhutto is blamed for urban flooding since 1950 and for the growth of religious extremism which took off after Bhutto was hanged. Everyone else, especially Liaquat Ali Khan and Nawaz Sharif, get a free pass. And Imran’s bromance with the Taliban is completely ignored these days.

But reality has this habit of catching up. Career turncoat politicians like Shah Mehmood Qureishi have disgraced themselves multiple times in their most recent stopover in PTI. He has actually made a laughing stock of himself.

And no amount of grovelling by Imran Niazi or his handlers is going to force Saudi Arabia to change their relations with India.

The United States, Saudi Arabia and India have chosen which side of the economic axis they are going to be in. So have China, Russia and Iran.

And to apply the maxim of right wing nationalists,

“Beggars can’t be choosers”

Today’s PTI voting millennial has been inculcated in a culture of begging and denial.

– Can’t make a living and have no employable skills after cricket = Beg!

– Want to start a political party and have no vision = Beg

Failed at governance = blame others

Failed at simple civic management = blame Bhutto

Failed at economic management = beg the Saudis

Failed at any coherent policy on Kashmir = blame Bhutto and Saudis

The last one, blaming the Saudis because jingles and deluded maps backfired, is likely going to backfire on this pathetic PTI Niazi and its yuppie apologists.