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How Pakistanis respond to Kashmir


Pakistan’s ruling establishment and the #PTI regime have released an emotional song and drawn an altered map. They have also unleashed the inebriated and dazed Ali Amin #Gandapur of PTI to advocate for Kashmir on Pakistani media. Even the fictional #BigLebowski could have done a better job.

This time, even the PTI cult members are too embarrassed to own up to their regime’s pathetic propaganda. They are desperately waiting for Monsoon rains to cause more havoc in Karachi so they can advocate for more army control there.

There is disaster capitalism and then there is the even more cynical disaster politicking that PTI does against Sindh.

PTI supporters knew their leadership was stupid when one tactic called for extending Friday breaks to include a random half hour protest by standing still.

On the other hand, PPP supporters all over Pakistan are sharing clips of Bhutto and Benazir. In a passionate speech, Bhutto had said that the decision on Kashmir rests with the people. Makes sense but not to the hyper nationalists on either side of the border.

Benazir was also abused by both the right and the left for eschewing the tactic of using Takfiri terrorists against the Indian army in Kashmir. She was labelled a “security risk” “traitor” and much worse and PML N-MQM-ISI collaborated in the coup against her elected government. The operation was called #MidnightJackal.

Benazir had refused to sign off on the Kargil misadventure which was initially presented to her. Nawaz Sharif, as per accounts, was more focussed on stuffing himself with sandwiches during an important meeting on Kargil. He carelessly let the situation get out of hand before he ran to the United States to bail him out from his own hand picked General (Musharaf).

General Musharaf subsequently overthrew the spineless Nawaz Sharif who struck a plea deal with the dictator and ran away to Saudi Arabia. Roughed it out for 8 years in a palace in Jeddah and grew his steel import business there. The Saudis re-launched him in Pakistan as the Che Guevara for liberal elites and their special man in Pakistani politics.

Nawaz wanted peaceful relations with India but only to the extant of benefiting his narrow commercial interests. From the 1980s to 2015, Nawaz was publicly competing with Imran Khan on who could be a bigger supporter of Takfiri terrorists.

His brother and right hand man is said to have tipped off the LeT to clear out their accounts post Mumbai attacks.

Currently the Sharif’s are back to their spineless mode and have nothing to say on Kashmir.

Ultimately, Pakistan cannot do much. They lost the initiative on Kashmir when it was said to be offered to them in exchange for renouncing their rights to the princely states of Hyderabad and Junagadh.

Pakistan did not and as a result, lost all three. Since this offer happened during Liaquat Ali Khan’s time, it is not discussed. He is another historical figure who cannot be critiqued. Jinnah yes but Liaquat Ali Khan has not been properly evaluated for the many messes that occurred under his watch.

The policy of backing and inserting Salafi and Deobandi terrorist groups like JeM has rebounded very badly against Pakistan. While Modi’s fascist government has increased human rights violations in Kashmir, the current anti-people politics of the Niazi regime have resulted in the most spineless and incoherent Kashmir policy that Pakistan has ever seen.

If Pakistan’s urban elite intelligentsia could get past their vicious and visceral hatred for Bhutto, they would realise that his policy of advocating for the people is not just sensible but morally sound for Kashmir.