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Political phobias lead to Sociological Dystopia



The first anti-Ahmadi riots in Pakistan took place in 1953. Was Bhutto even in Pakistan at that time or if he was, was he politically active?

The protests were lead by Mazhar Ali Azhar of Ahrar. The Munir Commission report suspended the matter judicially, no pun intended. However, there was a gross inaccuracy in this report which falsely labelled the viciously Anti-Shia Mazhar as a Shia Muslim. This falsehood has been used to pit two targeted faith communities

The 2nd Amendment occurred in the backdrop of the 1974 riots where it was decided to bring this matter to parliament instead of using force to crush the riots violently.

The Ahmadi side was represented by their religious head while the other clerics presented their arguments through the law minister or attorney general. Both sides declared the other as disbelievers/Kafir.

The second amendment was passed unanimously (there were a handful of exceptions) and even NAP members signed it.

Bhutto was reluctant to pass it and is said to have uttered words to the effect “this will be my death”

In a later meeting with Dr Abdus Salam, who was appointed by Bhutto, he said that this was a political move and if the circumstances were correct, it could be reversed. He did not confirm this. In a speech to his own voters, Bhutto said “I have solved the Ahmadi problem” because after the passage of the 2nd amendment until much later, there was no organized violence against Ahmadis.

Many principally don’t agree with the 2nd amendment (including this wall)

Neither do they agree with giving a free pass to General Zia, absolving him of his culpability, denying him his agency and omitting facts just out of political spite of Bhutto.

General Zia ul Haq saw the Constitution as “a piece of paper” and he knew that a typically spineless judiciary of Jamaatiyas, sectarians and racist chauvinists was not going to come in his way of distorting the constitutions.

His Anti-Ahmadi ordinance makes it harder for Ahmadis.

Zia did not need any precedence from Bhutto for his Zakat and Ushr ordinance, Hudood ordinance, Federal Sharia courts etc.

He did what he pleased with his stooge Nawaz Sharif supporting his “initiatives”
decades after he was blown off in the sky.

The “Bhutto planted the seeds, Zia watered them” is not just a stale and intellectually dishonest line. It is inaccurate as well.

The objectives resolution was passed in 1949 when Bhutto was in college. But for his virulent detractors, Bhutto is to be blamed for everything.

Maybe he flew down in the middle of the night and brainwashed Shabbir Usmani and Liaquat Ali Khan. Just like Bhutto is also blamed for Ayub’s 1965 operation Gibraltar war.

The fact is that the General Zia’s Junta and CIA wanted Bhutto out. If he was such an effective “gardener” of religious fascism, why was the Nizam e Mustafa/PNA Movement targeting his beliefs and labelling him an enemy and impediment to the cause? When Bhutto was murdered by General Zia ul Haq, his dead body was defiled to determine whether he was a Muslim or not! And our woke liberals continue to bash Bhutto!

If Bhutto was so responsible for religious extremism, Why was he so bitterly opposed by the Jamaat e Islami and JUI ??

No other party besides PPP and to some extant ANP, has been targeted and singled out by religious extremists.

The pathetic woke liberal attempt to deflect Zia’s crimes on to Bhutto have flopped. And this kind of dishonest debate is now hurting us by obscuring the real issues. In his media-backed 2018 candidature, #JibranNasir peddled the same dishonest and selective discourse. Earlier, he quoted the Munir Commission report to accuse Shia Muslims of Takfir by stating that it was “a Shia who accused Jinnah, also a Shia, of being a kafir”.

This is the lie about Mazhar Ali Azhar used by ultra woke activists like Jibran Nasir to confuse his cult audience on the issue of extremism.

Jibran didn’t even bother to highlight that in 2018, it was Sipah e Sahaba that were killing Ahmadis – not Bhutto.

General Zia ul Haq laid down the ground work for those State sponsored thugs who took the law into their own hands. He created the architecture of vigilante violence by directly supporting Sipah e Sahaba who have conducted massacres and target killings of Ahmadi.

When Zia ul Haq himself is taking credit, is it not pathetic for Bhutto haters to act more loyal than their Zia king.