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Islamic Studies under PTI’s new policy will not have any mention of Ahel e bayt and Sufi Saints

The New Islamic Study books to be published under new Education Policy, proposed and enforced by PTI will not have any mention of the family of the prophet (pbuh) and his holy progeny and the Sufi Saints. This one omission is more than enough to prove that this curriculum was designed and prepared by the people of a certain mindset.

The same mindset that is irked by any mention of the family of prophet PBUH has been causing mayhem in Pakistan and has been responsible for killing 70,000 Pakistanis. The ideological inheritors of Zia’s legacy, the supporters and protectors of SSP, LEJ, TTP, JUD, JEM are now sitting in the education committees and designing curriculum for our children while banning books. The New Islamic study books have many other such purposeful blunders such as, No mention of Ahlulbayt

No 20 percent Shia source so does not reflect Diverse Pakistan

No Kafi Hadeeth

No 20 percent shia source so does not reflect Diverse Pakistan

No mention Lal Shahbaz Qalandar

No mention of Karbala

Muharram is not mentioned as Islamic

No course on interfaith Tolerance

Teachers are coming from Islamic studies dept of Universities. No Fiqa Jafferia in Universities. Therefore the universities are basically Deobandi Madrassa’s promotions of contempt and anti-Shia hatred.

No respect for other faiths like Christianity or Hinduism taught in this Islamic studies.