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A poem which banned the creater’s all poetry in the Assam India – by Aamir Hussaini



Ekhon Asustha Citybus’ (An ailing citybus)
, a poem written by Nilim Kumar)

“Agar Aap Ne Shahar Mien Chalney wali Bus Ko Bemar likha Aur Us Ka driver Sukahpaa Ko Bataya Tu Bohat Sarey Assam Ke Thanoo Mien Aap Ke Khilaf FIR Daraj Ho Jaye Ge- Aap Lakh kaho Bus Driver Bohat deep meaning Rakhta hai magar Koi Nahi Many Ga, Aap Kaho ailing bus Say Murad Samaj Hai,Society Hai but Koi Nahi Manay wala Hoga Aur App Ko Maffi Mangna Hogi”

We were mourning some days before over enforced video statement having apology by Dr. Arfanah Mallah of Sindh University, now it came in our knowledge in Assam of #India, a poet Nilim Kumar ‘s life was in danger because of a poem.

Nilim Kumar, a poet from Assam, India had to extend apology over a poem written by him. According to Tai Ahom Assamese people that poem directly have objectionable things, which hurt the peple of Tai Ahom Assamese community including disgracing their leader Sukahpaa, founder of Ahom Kingdom in 1228 and Gadapani established the rule of the Tungkhung in Ahom Kingdom.

Nilim Kumar says that his poem was misinterpreted.

Kumar said the alleged objectionable points used in his poem were an allegory and it had a much deeper meaning. When he termed Sukaphaa as a bus driver he meant to say that Sukaphaa was the most important person in leading the Assamese people in the right direction and Gadapani being the handyman was entitled in making the necessary decisions where the people to stop or move forward.

Rahman Abbas renowned Mumbai based Urdu fiction writer turns our attention toward the seriousness of the matter:


Nilim Kumar, a renowned poet is being trolled and mentally harassed for a poem titled ‘Ekhon Asustha Citybus’ (An ailing citybus) that was written as a spontaneous call of heart for the love of one’s own language and nationality. He is being threatened to death, of being beheaded. A volatile situation is being created in entire Assam to destroy the poet.

The person mention as driver of the bus Siu-ka-Pha was the founder of Ahom kingdom in Assam in thirteenth century that lasted for long 600 years – the longest ever for any dynasty in the world. Gadapani clinched power on seventeenth century at a juncture when Assam was tottering in the hands of an inept teenage tyrant and was instrumental in strengthening the might that later could thwart the Moguls.

Nilim Kumar through his poem wanted to portray that in the present times his State Assam has been ailing blinded by the dazzle of globalization and consumerism.

Bringing a parallel to the present state of the State with an ailing bus, he mentioned Siu-ka-Pha and Gadapani as the driving force of the State – in the form of the driver and the handyman. The sense was he wished the spirit of Siu-ka-Pha and Gadapani –the two most powerful rulers of Assam to turn into the pathfinder and maneuver this ailing State out of the state of near disaster.

The crime of the poet was portraying them as the rescuer of the entire Assamese community as these proverbial due belonged to a clan called Ahom. Nilim Kumar considered them as two Assamese valiant heroes – first one of who did establish and the second one later strengthened the State where all communities lived in peace and harmony. The entire Assamese community under their leadership, had been prosperous laborious and independent too.

While Siu-K-Pha is an epitome of unity for the Assamese people, Gadapani is a symbol of forebearance, valour and strength. He wanted to make people remember their spirit once more and used an epic simile to use their spirit and soul as the guiding light to salvage Assam from dire crisis. What is the great conspiracy behind the entire issue that an extremely patriotic poem has been deciphered by a section to be poem ridiculing an entire clan?

Cases has been filed against Nilim Kumar in several Police Stations. Some are even under non-bailable sections of IPC. Apart from threatening him with be-headment, all his poetry compilations have been banned. The literary organizations, poets body in assam also under threat to speak up for him and side with him. So he has, at this moment, turned lone fighter.

In this situation several eminent poet-critic-painter from other parts of India that have earned national and international recognition has declared to be with him and extended support to him. Some of them are Ashok Vajpayee, Manish Puskale, Udayan Vajpayee, Tejee Grover, Jayashri C.Kambar.

Apart from the fact that the poet has clarified his sense behind the portrayal of characters in the poem and sought apologies for any inadvertent mistake that could hurt any community, the entire episode not dying down indicate some deep rooted political conspiracy as observed by his well wishers.

The fact that poem that has made an effort to expose the socio-cultural situation of Assam and also mentioning a thematic solution to the same bail the State out of crisis, being welcomed and praised highly among the erudite class in contrast to the narrow cultural feelings has reiterated the power and success of the poetry and established the greatness of poetry in general.