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Another Shutup call to those having selective rage on Arfana Mallah’s case – Aamir Hussaini


Cyril Almeida always proved that he was commercial liberal, having selective rags, is and will remain.

He himself kept his lips tightly close and never moved his fingers on keyboards or touched the screen of his mobile when Arfana Mallah was accused of Blasphemy falsely by a cleric cum goon Rashid Somroo deobandi of JUI-f Sindh and he ran an organized campaign against Arfana, even he didn’t dare to retweet the tweet of Arfana and tweets were made by HRCP, WAFP and other organizations.

Now when Arfana was forced to take refuge in camp of clerics belonged to rival sect of Rashid Somroo’s, he came out and raised a question: WHere Is Bilawal Bhuttu Zardsri? Just to malaign #PPP and #Bhuttos.

Those liberals who had not supported Arfana Mallah in time or they obfuscated the criminal silence of Sindhi Nationalist Parties, of MQM-P and of GDA over playing a blasphemy card against Rashid Somroo, who is in alliance with GDA, PTI and MQM – P at provincial level and fought election against Bilawal with support of these parties have no right to raise questions like, Where is Bilawal Bhutto Zardari? Or they have no right to make criticism on #PPP #Sindh chapter, s role on the said issue.

I am included in those persons who had supported Dr. Arfana Mallah in the beginning unconditionally and without ifs and buts. I am that first person who raised the issue of extending an apology through a recorded video by Arfana Mallah in front of Sunni Barelvi Clerics and Pirs of Hyderabad city of Sindh in a series of tweets and few posts on Facebook. I did that when i saw that majority is silence and few people are presenting the video statement as happy settlement of the controversy created by Rashid Somroo.

After my post, heavy majority supported my view but then some opportunists and commercial circles from liberal camps began to bash Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and PPP alone, as we know they remained silent and had not condemn JUI-F, Rashid Somroo and other his supporter clerics in this matter but now they were singling out PPP and BBZ for targeting of malignant.

Such sell-out liberals are those who had written obituary columns when Dr. Khalid Somroo was killed allegedly over a land dispute and admired him much like Hassan Mujtaba in daily Jang, Ijaz Mangi in daily Kawish and we all know that it was Cyril Almeida who had requested former COAS Kiyan to topple the PPP’s government in his article titled with ‘Inside the Zardari’ s mind’ published in daily Dawn.

Cyril almeida type sell-out journalists never condemn takfiri network emerged from Deobandi sect and apologetic stance of JUI-f and of other segments of Deobandi sect, in fact Cyril Almeida obfuscated role of JUI-f in spreading faith based violence and deobandi militancy in Sindh in alliance with Takfiri elements like strong relations of first Khalid and then his son Rashid Somroo with banned outfit #ASWJ #SSP and so called Sunni Rabta Councils.

In tenure of PML-n Op_Ed writers like Cyril, Ijaz Haider, Najam Sethi, Beena Sarwar and others didn’t expose the double standards and hypocritical policy of JUI-f on question of supremacy of parliament and sacredness of vote. They didn’t criticize Maulana Fazal ur rahman’s silence on alliance of provincial chapter of his party with pro-establishment force in Sindh during local bodies elections, general elections and after elections.

Rashid Somroo was on the stage secretary on container during Azadi March by JUI-f. Not a single anchor of four media groups who project themselves as champion of Press Freedom, Pro-Democracy, Pro-People and fond of declaring other boot-lickers put the questions related to contradictions in his politics at provincial level and at center level.

If PTI and its allies were pro-establishment then why he and his party at provincial level was in alliance with PTI+GDA+MQMP? Not a single anchor persons from four media groups put the questions related to his connections with faith based violent elements in Sindh and his role in spreading faith based hatred in Sindh.

Now we are seeing disproportionately criticism on Sunni Barelvi clerics as compared to criticism on Rashid Somroo and his party’s condemning role against a woman educationist and women rights defender. Such positions and stands can not be justified and they are not progressive and enlightened stance on the under discussion issue.

We are seeing that a powerful elite liberal lobby in mainstream liberal media and active on social has selective discourse on issue of blasphemy card. This lobby comes forward and shows severe rags when blasphemy card is played by sectarian cum Takfiri element from Sunni Bralvi and Shia clergy but its response either be very polite or leads to obfuscation when blasphemy card is played by Takfiri plus faith based violent element from Deobandi clergy.

You can compare their criticism and of its intensity in case of Tehreek Laibaik and others with their criticism on Takfiri clergy of Deobandi sect. You will find huge difference.

Elite liberal discourse on false blasphemy accusations against Shia person is hypocritical and in often cases inclined to justification.

Silence of PPP leadership and negligence of Sindh Government in the matter of Arfanah Mallah can not be ignored and deserve to be condemn and criticised but not selectively.

They never ran campaign like #JusticeForJunaidHafeez or #JusticeForAsiaBibi for those Shia individuals who are booked under blasphemy laws and spending their days and nights in jails and often times they are targeted to kill while declaring them blasphemers.

Even i heard such lobby to say that it was not issue of falsely playing the card of blasphemy but it is hundreds years old historical sectarian dispute between Sunnis and Shias. ( It is sophistry, but this moment is not for exposing the said sophistry).

Same discourse adopted by this lobby of Champions of freedom of Speech and freedom of religion we see often in cases of killing or implicating the Sufi, Malang, Qalandar or Majzoob type people in the cases of Blasphemy or when some Sufi-minds or Malangs are killed while declaring them apostates.