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Wearing a mask Properly reduces risk of transmission to 1.5% – by Dr Kashif Rizvi



I am writing this post because now the virus is unfortunately spread deep in the community; please share as it may save someone’s life

Wearing a mask Properly reduces risk of transmission to 1.5%

Please Do not touch your nose & eyes as that’s how you bring it to yourself

Don’t stand within 6 feet of anyone talking loudly/coughing/sneezing, imagine everyone as capable of infecting as they may have no symptoms themselves

Most consistent Covid19 symptom is a fever 98% (usually low grade) and a cough plus a sore throat (in initial 5 days), the entire episode of Covid19 will last 10 to 12 days so be patient and REST!

ONLY take paracetamol 1g 4/6 hourly plus azithromycin 500 mgs daily for 7 days plus vit C 1g daily (No Brufen or Voltarene or any NSAIDS) NO Hydroxycholoroquine (as it can cause sudden heart death)

No ‘totka’ or home remedy will help … but could kill you as manifest by a large number of disproportionate deaths in blacks and Asians communities (no kalonji or lemon or grandmother’s special syrups)

Quarantine yourself and hydrate with water, juices not caffeine drinks

NO NEBULISER of any kind as it will spread virus deep into your lungs and will make you cough infecting those around you

Buy yourself a pulse oximeter and 4 hourly check your oxygen saturation (try 3 different fingers) normal is above 94%
Try to relax as 98 percent chance you won’t die (which is a huge percentage)

If after 5 days you feel unwell and saturation drops below 92 % you need medical advice plus add aspirin 100 mgs daily plus try to lie on your tummy 3 hours daily which will restore your oxygen saturation
Its possible to get an oxygen cylinder at home to supplement via nasal prongs or mask to maintain saturation above 94%

Avoid going to hospital as there is NO treatment Available for Covid19 (plus you may acquire other infections there, the chances of dying will increase to 30% from 2%, if in doubt let a doctor decide) except Remdesivir intravenous which may reverse the disease plus shorten intensity and duration (not sure about its availability in PK)

Please remember going on a ventilator is NOT a treatment and carries a massive 80% risk of death and disability even if you recover.

With above steps your chances are of 98% recovery

Good luck, please share

Dr Kashif Rizvi (MD, FRCP)
Consultant Physician