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Pakistani Liberal-Rightwing collaborate with ISIS affiliates against Syria


Since 2011, a cross section of Pakistani liberals, Jamaat e Islami and Sipah e Sahaba have unquestioningly peddled Western and Gulf propaganda against the Syrian government.

If something was published in the Guardian and the New York Times, it was treated as the gospel truth. Although we all know that NYT, like media groups worldwide, is not exactly known for its sincerity, veracity and integrity. For decades, these rags have promoted imperial wars launched by the United States which has destroyed entire regions and continents.

Recently, Sipah e Sahaba and Orya Maqbool Jan are peddling similar sectarian nonsense against Syria. This is the type of nonsense that is eerily similar to the garbage published in NYT, the Atlantic Council funded #BellingCat and the staged displays of the #WhiteHelmets

Sipah e Sahaba and the Takfiri involvement in Syria goes back to at least 2012. There have been support for ISIS and Al Qaeda Syrian affiliates in Pakistan; both Lal Masjid and Jaish e Mohammad (Sipah Sahaba’s sister organization)

It is absurd to think that Shia militias would harm the graves of Ommayad rulers like Omar Bin Abdul Aziz. As per Shia narratives, Omar Bin Abdul Aziz actually eased the historical oppression of those Shia who were suffering under earlier Ommayad caliphs. Moreover, Omar Bin Abdul Aziz is credited with stopping the abuse against the Holy Prophet and his family that was instituted, from mosque pulpits, by the earliest Ummayad rulers.

The Takfiri Wahhabi Al Qaeda and ISIS have a centuries old tradition of attacking graves and sacred shrines. They even destroyed the Jamaat Ul Baqee graveyard that was dedicated for the Holy Prophet’s family, descendants and some companions.

Wahhabis view this destruction as a proud market of their faith. Their South Asian counterparts, the Deobandi Taliban, even destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan. These Takfiri groups can not tolerate context, history and art.

Of course, as in everything on Syria, Western governments and it’s Gulf collaborators project their own crimes on to the Syrian government and its Russian and Iranian backers. Of course, these governments are far from perfect but to pretend that the West-Saudi-Qatari-Israeli-Turkish backed Al Qaeda affiliates are the solution is not just absurd. It is morally bankrupt.

Like the staged and False flag chemical attacks, now debunked by multiple whistle blowers from OPCW, this recent allegation also lacks veracity and appears as a nasty projection to exacerbate sectarian strife in Pakistan. This project is sadly not just supported by Jamaat e Islami, Orya type bureaucrats and Sipah e Sahaba but also Pakistan’s jejune liberals.