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Pakistan has already had its Narcos


So just started watching #Narcos. For Pakistanis, it is Deja Vu. We in Pakistan already had our Narcos under a US-backed military dictator #GeneralZiaulHaq.

When drug trafficking proceeds were also used, along with #Saudi and #US tax payer monies, to Fund the Mujahideen. You know, the Deobandi-Wahhabi “freedom fighters” that later morphed into Al Qaeda amongst other similar groups.

At that time, General Zia ul Haq and his cronies, #GeneralFazleHaq and General Abdul Rahman became fabulously rich. These were the US-backed Pakistani Noriegas.

General Fazle Haq’s parties were attended by the elite, including our American “guests” and the most expensive champagnes were said to flow all night.

So Narcos is not just literary fiction where incorruptible DEA agents single handedly take down drug traffickers. It is also about the lesser destructive Cocaine whereas Pakistan suffered for decades due to Heroin trafficking that funded the “Jihad” against the Soviets.

General Abdul Rahman’s sons first supported Nawaz Sharif for decades and are now with Imran Khan. Just like the children and grandchildren of US-backed military dictators line General Zia and “Field Marshal” Ayub. Both their spawn were with Nawaz Sharif and are now with Imran Niazi.

Narco-Terrorism continues in Afghanistan which is why there are multiple countries, including the United States, who have their eye on the prized poppy cultivation in Afghanistan.