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Interesting example of slander against former Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari


Much of Pakistan’s elites and urban chattering classes maintain a pathological hatred against Zardari.

His sins include but are not limited to:

– being a dark skinned Sindhi-Baloch
– being able to speak in both Urdu and regional languages without a proper college degree
– coming from landed wealth in both feudal estates and large urban commercial properties
– being a Sunni Muslim who has also adopted some Sufi and Shia Muslim practices
– someone who focuses on the economics of agriculture and manufacturing instead of self righteous moral posturing and virtue signalling
– a president who oversaw legislation that ended the presidential decree to unilaterally destroy the parliament
– being concerned with legislation that protected the rights and resources of the various provinces of Pakistan
– a Karachitte who does not subscribe to MQM’s “ideology” but who tried about 47 times to keep them in the Federal government during 2008-13
– being concerned with the environmental and ecological status of Sindh and Balochistan
– being concerned with the manufacturing sectors of Sindh and Punjab
– overseeing landmark social welfare schemes like BISP (now renamed as Ehsas) and Watan Cards
– trying to maintain friendly relations with Pakistan’s neighbors (India, Iran and Afghanistan), regional powers (China and Russia) and the West
– being hated by the Saudi kings
– being snarky with the security establishment

In particular, Zardari became a villain the day he married Benazir Bhutto and supported her political career. Elite Pakistanis wanted Benazir to marry an establishment scion who would end her political resistance. Zardari’s father Hakim has made the cardinal sin of supporting Fatima Jinnah’s during the 1964 elections and Nusrat and Benazir Bhutto during the 1980s Movement for the Restoration pf Democracy.

Both father and son are losers for supporting powerful, intelligent, capable and brave women for the highest elected office in Pakistan.

In 1988-90, Asif supported Benazir’s contract with SGS Cotecna – a global known Survey company that was tasked with monitoring Customs. This was a major attack against powerful business interests who had been making billions by under-invoicing import values.

The contract was worth about $17 million but Benazir and Asif were accused of taking commissions worth $60 million!

Aside from not making sense, the case was still pursued for decades by a consistently anti-PPP judiciary until it was finally ended in the favor of Benazir and Asif.

Asif Ali Zardari’s biggest mistake was overseeing the most comprehensive Legislation since the 1973 Constitution. This forever has placed him in the cross hairs of the Establishment.

A week ago, Arshad Naeem, failed MQM candidate and now Holy Man in Canada, released this video. In it he accuses Asif Zardari of all the slanders manufactured by Pakistan’s Deep State that have been thoroughly debunked.

He also asserted a week ago that Asif Zardari was dead and his family was waiting for the auspicious occasion of 27th Ramzan to release the news.

Arshad is how dirty mullahs and escaped fascist criminals think and then project their psychosis on to their political nemesis.

The 1973 Constitution and 18th amendment came AFTER the break up of Pakistan. When West Pakistan treated East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) as a colony. This policy was sanctified by Ayub’s one Unit and discrimination against Bangladesh started from 1947.

Of course, Bhutto (Zardari’s father in law) is conveniently blamed for Bangladesh based on things he never even said. Meanwhile, Benazir and Asif’s 18th amendment is the only legislation that is preventing a further Balkanization of Pakistan.