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Establishment should not use sectarian card


Establishment has played a classy move this time. I must say that, After the failure of ethinic card this another move was classy to derail Sindh government.

The Sindh high court overruled the Sindh government and The Federal government and all other provincial governments allowed processions at the last minute.

As a result, Pro establishment Shia Molvis like Nazir Taqvi is abusing PPP and calling Sindh govt as Yazeedi Govt for implementing the SOPs and law by National command and operation center on 11 may.

On the other hand, Takfeeri Sipah e Sahaba is abusing PPP as being pro Shia and launched a hate campaign a top trend on twitter against PPP, using old images of PPP Politicians attending juloos to slander them.

While we all the know the PTI-MQM Wadera alliance whose activists and Politicians are bashing PPP from day one of the pandemic.

The establishment is attacking PPP Sindh govt from all sides and i must say this was a good move by Deep state actors.