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PML N MPA compares Maryam Nawaz to a fictional character from Ertugrul, a Turkish Jihadi soap Opera


There are many Pakistani liberals who desperately tried to polish GT Road goons like the Nawaz Sharif dynasty, as the “next Liberal hope” of Pakistan.

These liberals include Najam Sethi, Cyril Almeida Asha-ur Ibne I A Rehman, Marvi Sirmid, Hussain Haqqani, Rauf Klasra, Hamid Mir, Nusrat Javeeed, Mazhar Abbas etc.

These are the sellout hacks who would do anything for a quick buck. They pretend to be anti establishment but peddle Saudi and CIA talking points. One of their recent missions was to rebrand Nawaz Sharif and his clan as the next Che Guevara of Pakistan.

These liberals hate the PPP; the party lead by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who are actually standing up to Niazi and the PTI regime. And like Pakistan’s right wing types, these liberals also engage in slandering Bhuttos.

Recently, the same liberal lobby correctly called out Imran Khan Niazi for the latter’s obsession with violent and sectarian Turkish Jihadi soap operas like #Ertugrul.

Like a trashy, #TariqAli “historical” novel, these soap operas glorify violent and sectarian imperial groups like the Ottomans. Tariq Ali also has similar fetishes with the Ommayads and Ottoman empires.

Clearly, these liberals seem to be out of touch with their Patwari sponsors of PML N. Because yesterday, a PML N MPA also referenced Ertugrul as part of a vapid sycophancy exercise with Mariam Nawaz.

Patwari liberals and their younger versions like Raza Rumi etc had desperately tried to portray Maryam Nawaz as Benazir.

There could not be a bigger attack to Benazir’s legacy. Maryam retweet’s and likes virulent hate mongers and sectarian clerics like Ahmad Ludhianvi and Khadim Rizvi.

Benazir lost her life in standing up to the hate mongering Taliban. Meanwhile Maryam Nawaz took the first plea deal at the first sign of trouble.

I have not seen her or her spineless PML N leadership take any meaningful stand. Zilch on Covid 19. Nada on supporting the under siege PPP.

Essentially, PML N is a party of GT road goons and cronies. Of vulgar and backstabbing El Chapos. For decades, PML N thrived on their network of Zia remnants within the security establishment. Once that support waned, PML N took easy deals and their leaders like Nawaz Sharif ran away. First to Jatti Umra. Then to Jeddah. And now London.

And Hina Pervaiz Butt’s quote to suck up to Maryam Nawaz is an example of comic irony.