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Jibran Nasir blames PPP for PTI’s incompetence


Ladies and gentlemen here we go again The Che Guavara of mummy daddy chattering class of Karachi and Lahore is on the screen. Its almost 3 months he was missing, “missing from the screen not in the missing persons list cause he doesn’t qualify to go missing” however now he is on the screen and on duty, selectively mocking and bashing Sindh government like he does and polish his brand.

We did not see him uttering single statement when Sindh govt was being lambasted by PTI and media Stalwarts for shutting down school and collages due to spread of Virus. We did not see him making vlog like he usually do to bash PPP, when Governor Sindh and PTI MPA Halim Adil instigated Mullahs and business community to go against Sindh govt’s Lock down.

We did not see him vlogging agaisnt Governor Sindh when he was clearly violating SOPs of govt Sindh with his VIP protocol neither when he rejected the Covid 19 emergency ordinance by Sindh Govt. We did not see him when Sindh Police was beaten up by Mullahs for implementing lock down. We did not see him when the whole state machinery and PM himself with his paltus in Karachi tried every possible manner to sabotage Sindh govt efforts even in this pandemic.

We did not see when Sindh govt was reminding repeatedly that they need federal cooperation to combat this virus but in results they were not only denied but also criticized and lambasted. But ladies and gentlemen here we go, Kamran khan who already is propagating against Sindh govt since the day one invited another opportunist to offer his services for bashing Sindh govt and equalizing it with the incompetent and clueless federal govt.