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Ayesha Siddiqa’s pathetic use of Racist and Elitest Establishment Talking Points against the under siege PPP government


Time is a great leveler and this prejudiced rubbish by Ayesha Siddiqa in January of this year stands completely exposed. The COVID -19 pandemic has exposed the chauvinist and racist anti-Sindhi myths used by Patwari liberals.

Ayesha Siddiqa, like other hardliner PML N supporters, was disappointed that her party leaders were once again exposed. Many of us already knew that PML N is nothing more than a bunch of Deal making cowards of GT Road. That truth was painful for PML N shills like Ayesha Siddiqa. Her only criticism against PML N was that the party was no longer sponsoring propagandists like her.

When PML N supported the extension, it spelled an end to the internal coup being lead by Pro PML N generals like General Sattar Sarfaraz.

Instead of fully holding PTI to account and admitting that her blind support for Ziaist remnants like PML N was misplaced, Ayesha attacks PPP.

PPP itself is the victim of PTI’s attacks and if Ayesha was sincere in her anti-establishment posturing, she would have supported Bilawal.

Instead she uses the same racist anti-Sindhi talking points against Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and PPP, that chauvinist liberals like Najam Sethi have used.

As per these racist and dishonest liberals, Sindh is corrupt and nepotistic. But Nawaz Sharif surrounding himself with dozens of relatives and cronies is “good governance”.

We have seen how badly Punjab stands exposed in the aftermath of Covid -19 and PTI alone cannot be blamed. PML N has been let loose in Punjab for most of the last 40 years yet today it is Sindh under PPP that has more medical facilities and technology per capita.

Since 2018, Bilawal has raised his voiced against those in the PTI government that have links to militant groups. PML N stayed silent.

It is the same Bilawal and PPP that have voiced support for the Pashtun Nationalist PTM (ironically supported by some liberals who pretend to eschew nationalism). PML N has stayed silent and Maryam’s only press conference to note has been to support corrupt, slimy corporate media Seths.

Fukuyama’s “End of History” was narcissistic rubbish when it was originally published in the late 1990s. Only outdated hacks still quote such utterly discredited drivel.

Sadly, for all her anti establishment posturing, Ayesha Siddiqa is simply pinning for acceptance within the same civil-military bureaucracy. Much like her over hyped PML N chauvinists.