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PPP must not support PMLN’s desperation and misadventure



During a global pandemic, the PPP Sindh Government remains focused on tackling this crisis. To say that PPP has taken the lead on this most crucial issue would be an understatement.

In the crucial steps of social distancing, increasing medical capacity, research, quarantine and providing relief to Pakistan’s precious working class, PPP has lead from the front.

Others have not. PTI could have simply followed the lead. It did not and chose to waste Pakistan’s time by attacking PPP and the entire Sindh province instead of confronting COVID 19.

A month and a half later, when relief measures are finally reaching South and Central Punjab, few people are giving credit to PTI. Most are cursing it and giving credit to PPP for pushing PTI In the right direction. This is disastrous politics by PTI whose own Sindh Governor and loutish thugs like Faisal Vawda have further damaged PTI’a faltering brand.

In all of this, PML N has also been badly exposed. As the second largest party in the parliament, PML N has failed to provide any real opposition to PTI. Neither has PML N done anything constructive to address the Corona virus pandemic. Instead, Shahbaz Sharif is desperately trying to pull off a palace coup against PTI. And has failed repeatedly.

For years, PML N hacks like Najam Sethi, Hussain Haqqani, Cyril Almeida, Gul Bukhari, Marvi Sirmed, Imad Zafar, Goraya etc defended the cowardly and spineless PML N. They wrote countless articles telling us that Nawaz/Maryam were the true anti establishment heros whose “competent administration” of Punjab had transformed it into Paris and Geneva.

COVID – 19 exposed these tall claims of PML N propagandists and highlighted that Punjab, underneath some corruption motor ways and metros was way behind Sindh in crucial indices. Sindh has proven to have been better managed by PPP on issues like medical care, legislation and social welfare. Not to forget service industry and education as well. In fact, under PML N, Sindh suffered the most and even during the last government, PML N withheld Sindh’s revenue shares and ran a vicious campaign of political victimization against PPP.

There are still elements within PPP, especially the weak PPP Central Punjab leadership, that want to play second fiddle to PML N. This will not come to pass.

PPP must remain focused on confronting the COVID 19 pandemic. Let PML N fight it’s own battles and offer up some sacrifices. Which we know that the Sharif dynasty are utterly incapable of; being the spineless, back stabbing cowards that they have proven to be.

Asif Ali Zardari was so prescient/correct in his address to Parliament in 2018. He offered to help out PTI and advised them to address issues in the parliament. He also told them that PPP will not participate in misadventures as PTI will likely crumble and fall on its own.