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Quarantine & 18th amendment


Its so astonishing to see people discussing and arguing over the importance & benefits of 18th amendment. This discussion does not involve only elders but youngsters too. It is good people are now realizing the core importance of this amendment.

And i am really enjoying, learning, reading and listening different opinions form different people that how should it be defended and preserved? How it has become a need of this time? How it is necessary for people from weaker provinces? And how it should be implemented and amended more and more so the powers could be devolve more. Different opinions on this making me feel so good. This is a positive sign, at least our society and youngsters are now being political mature and now realizing what is actually genuine political struggle is.

As for the reference, The importance and significance which people are now realizing was already captured by the single party and President then, It was President Zardari’s initiative and planning who already saw it ten years ago and passed it with great consensus ever made before in the history of Pakistan.

This again makes me admire him more and proves point of many a people among us that he is the real Statesman who could see many things before any of us can see. He has vision and experience of National and international politics.

Thank you President for the 18th amendment.