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Niazi is more a symptom rather than the cause


Niazi is a manufactured outcome of decades of brain washing and conspiracy theories where multiple generations have confused drawing room gossip with an understanding of history and politics.

And at fault have been both the right and left. We keep harping on about “Maurosi siyasat” when dynastic politics are very much a global phenomena. And an intrinsic part of global politics.

For those who can read, Niazi himself admits that he benefited multiple times from Nepotism. After all, he is at the intersection of the Niazi, Zaman and Burki tribes who are disproportionately entrenched in the Civil military bureaucracy and who shared in the loot of the Evacue Propety Trust.

For someone whose entire platform is anti corruption, Niazi is surrounded by corrupt cronies and billionaire oligarchs that have benefited from trillions of subsidies and payments from Pakistan.

Just study the payments made to power plants and check out how much stake Mansha and Dawoods have in this.

Unfortunately, our Mummy Daddy Chattering class, which has contempt for the working classes, is not too well versed in basic arithmetic either.

It is quite possible that the establishment will divert them behind another headlight as Niazi continues to crumble. Jibran Nasir is one smaller and more localized headlight.

Otherwise for those who had been warning about Niazi since the 1990s, the gradual disintegration of the Niazi regime is nothing out of the ordinary.