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Why a targeted faith community like the Shias being blamed for the incompetence of PTI govt?


Until recently Shia Muslims in Pakistan were subject to Genocidal violence at the hands of Takfiri terrorists aligned with Al Qaeda and ISIS. The Hazara Shias are a particularly vulnerable faith community in Pakistan.

The Hazaras are a distinct ethnic group in Pakistan who are predominantly Shia Muslim. Shia Hazaras have been brutally targeted as they are identified by their ethnicity and murdered for their Shia faith.

Of course, the mainstream media and others obfuscated this tragedy. In 2020, a section of Pakistani liberals and ISIS-affiliated hate groups like Sipah e Sahaba once again coordinated their vicious bigotry against Shias and in particular, Shia Hazara Shias for the spread of COVID – 19.

These are not just baseless but essentially stupid allegations which are being used to cover up Baluchistan and the Federal government’s pathetic Quarantine facilities at the border.

It is also indicative of selective bias as it gives a free pass to other faith groups that refused to observe social distancing versus Shia Muslim pilgrims who immediately accepted quarantining. Moreover, these prejudiced anti-Shia allegations completely leave out the Federal Government’s failure to impose proper lock-downs and check passengers flying in from Gulf monarchies and Western countries.

The US and UK, in particular, have been the most lax in taking measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

Why should a targeted faith community like the Shias being blamed for the incompetence of Boris, Imran and Trump?