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All forms of radical religions are fatal to cultural tendencies of inclusion and assimilation – by Aamir Hussaini



As recently PTI-led Federal Government under a selected cum imposed Prime Minster surrendered in front of clergy of Pakistan while softening the lockdown for religious gatherings in mosques like Taraweeh and other prayers’ offering collectively during Ramazan, Secular elected government led by Sheikh Hasina Wajid of AL failed in implementing of lockdown on religious gatherings not only in the mosques but in the streets also.

In Bangladesh a fundamentalist hatemonger Deobandi religio-Political leader, Vice President of sectarian political organization “Khelafat Majlish’ Maulana Jabayar Ahmad Ansari died of Cancer on Friday evening at his home in Brahmanbaria. Hundreds of thousands followers of that cleric led by his son and principle of Rahamania Seminary Asadullah joined the procession of his funeral at junction Sarail while breaking the lockdown due to Corona Panademic.

According to the news appeared on official news website of widely circulated daily Asia Age Dhaka, Capital of Bangladesh, local administration admitted that all arrangements were collapsed for maintaining the physical distance among the people when hundreds of thousands of people joined the funeral procession.

Again we saw total hypocrisy from extremist and fundamentalist sectarian clergy, when Amanulhaq, Vice Principle of Jamia Rahmania(a religious seminary representing radical Deobandi Islam which was founded by Cleric Maulana Jubayar Ahmad Ansari) told news reporters that they had not made public announcement of death of the said cleric but his followers had turned over there after hearing the news.

That is lie and clear sophistry made by him because son of demised cleric and principle of Jamaia Rahmania Molvi Asadullah was leading the hundreds of thousands followers including leading Bandladeshi Deobandi clerics like President Ismail Nurpori , Secretary General of Khelafat Majlish Bangladesh Mahfuzulhaq, distinguished Deobandi scholar Sajidurahman and Mubarakullah.

All fundamentalist, sectarian, hatemonger and inclined to radical political Islam clergy from different sects of Bangladesh are opposing imposition of lockdown on mosques and religious gatherings due to Corona Pandemic in Bangladesh. Main opposition came from Qaumi Madreesahs Organization, Khelafat Andolan, Khelafat Majlish, JI Bangladesh and others.

Khelafat Majlish Bangladesh is the biggest representative political religious party of radical Deobandi Islam, this party’s main political agenda is to declare Qadiyani community non-Muslim by the state, imposition of radical Deobandi version of political Islam. Demised cleric Molvi Jubayar Ahmad Ansari was included in great preachers of radical Deobandi Islam in Bangladesh and he was running a vast network active against not only for declaring Qadiyanis apostates but against the Sufi practices and customs popular among majority of Bangladeshi population.

Bangladeshi anthropologists like Humayun Kabir, distinguished Bangladeshi scholar have done a lot of research to show, how radical Deobandi Islam is emerging in Bangladesh along with versions of radical political Islam like of Jamat-i-Islami, of Ahlehadith and directly posing threats to secular, pluralistic, Sufi culture of the Bangladesh which came into being after assimilation and interaction of people of Bangladesh in many centuries.

Late Deobandi cleric former President of Khelafat Majlish Bangladesh Molvi Habiburahman was among those clerics who had declared renowned feminist Taslima Nasrin apostate due to her published novel “Laaja” and he had declared a big bounty for her head.

Clergy and followers of Khalefat Majlish belong to those sections of Muslim Population of Bangladesh which had played main role in great exodus and killings of Hindus and Dalits communities. In 1941 the Hindus and Dalits formed about 28% of the population, which declined to 22.05% in 1951 and it further declined to 13.5 when Bangladesh was formed in 1971. In 2001 Hindus and Dalits were 8.5% of total Population of Bangladesh.

VIVEK GUMASTE fears that There may be no Hindus and Dalits left in Bangladesh in 30 years.

(see https://www.sundayguardianlive.com/…/may-no-hindus-left-ban…)

Radical and inclined to communicative religious fundamentalist( Janooni Takfiri Mazhabi Bunayaparst Mayil ) form emerging from Deobandi Islam like ASWJ/ SSP and its offshoots like TTP, LeJ etc killed hundreds of thousands Shias, Sufi Sunnis including Barelvis, Christians, Ahmadis, Hindus, Sikhs in Pakistan.

Such form of religiosity caused a trend of exodus not only in Shia Muslims but in Ahmadis and Christians, Hindus and Dalits also. This form of excommunication and hatred weakened the resistance force among moderate sections of Deobandis and Ahlehadith. We saw them liviing indifference in the era of genocidal campaign.

Here discourse of lefty progressive and liberals of our society on emergence of such excommunication seems hypocritical, for example we never saw them raising their voice and showing their rags when any Shia-Muslim faces a false blame of Blasphemy by radical Takfiri Deobandis.

They raise their voice for Christians, Hindus, Secular Muslims Free Thinkers and show their rags against those who falsely implicate them in Blasphemy. But they never show such devotion and passion for such Shia or Sufi Malang implicated in blasphemy by ASWJ / SSP goons. Recently a Shia-Muslim Zakir and Manqabat Reciter was implicated in blasphemy by ASWJ and we are seein an organized campaign against him.

Goons of ASWJ/SSP has uploaded his image along with his complete address while declaring him blasphemer and putting him his life in serious danger but there is complete silence in the lefty progressive and liberal camp. No flood of tweets , of Facebook posts and HashTags demanding justice for him from lefty progressive and liberal camps. Just Shia Muslims are raising their voices.

Does it means that implication of any Shia or Sufi Malang in Blasphemy is right or He/ She doesn’t deserve sympathy of lefty progressive and liberals? What is difference between those implicated in blasphemy like Junaid Hafeez, Asia Bibi and others who receive great attention from liberals and Shia, Sufi Malang implicated? Have you seen even single tweet or Facebook post from Marvi Sirmd, Jibran Nasir type civil activists for the said Manqabat-reciter Zakir

Fundamentalist and radical Islam, either it is in political form or militant form or in Tableeghi form in last analysis proves fatal to inclusive and pluralistic, composite peace for all culture of Indian subcontinent. In Muslims it makes impossible to live without fear, marginalization, with sense of security and protection for follower of every that sect either that is in majority or in minority which do not agree with exclusionary contents of these versions.

Its preachers, scholars and followers run even deadly exodus campaign against non-Muslim minorities like Christians, Hindus and Dalits then they create circumstances leading to forced conversion for tiny surviving sections of minorities. Along with they run campaign of marginalization of people practicing inclusive Sufi tradition or tradition of Shiite Islam.

As soon as they find opportunity to make powerful interventions in the state institutions and bodies of civil society, their slow and low extreme campaign of marginalization against inclusive Sufis and Shiite Muslims transforms into deadly and genocidal campaign.

They start from Fatwas and hatred campaign against Sufi Islam and Shia Islam. In first glance such fatwas and hatred seem harmless and not very effective but in fact such efforts end on deep negative transformation of whole society while tearing apart the inclusive social-religio fabrics of the society. We are seeing such transformation in our societies of Pakistan, Bangladesh and even in India.

Religious prejudices, sectarian hatred, sense of religious superiority now we find in large numbers of the people in every sect. Now we can’t say that such tendencies are not in Sunni Barelvis or in Shia Muslims also. We find them there in some sections although that sections have not powerful interventionist network as compare to Radical Deobandi interventionist networks.