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Did you all see Show-Baz Sharif Al Che Wal Bhutto’s latest speech as leader of the Opposition?


You know the direct streaming speech where Shahbaz thundered against the incompetent Niazi government and its inept handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan.

In this speech, ShowBaz Spartacus came to the defence of the embattled PPP Sindh government. Show-Baz was flanked by Comrade Cyril on the Left, Comrade Haqqani on the Right and Comrade Sethi behind him – what with the height difference and all. Of course all of them were maintaining social distancing. Sethi is so aloof that he was standing 12 feet behind but no problem. The Sharif’s have no shortage of real estate.

After ShowBaz Bhutto Guevara, Sethi and Cyril came to the defence of PPP and castigated PTI’s thuggish and dishonest attacks against the Sindh government.

Oh wait, this never happened. PML N and most of its partisan hacks in the media never supported PPP.

This should be another reminder for Qaira, Chaudhry Manzoor, Farhatullah Babar etc who advocated that Zardari/Bilawal go out of their way to accommodate and stand up for the backstabbing Sharif’s