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The definition of insanity is the oft repeated cliche of doing the same thing and expecting a different result



Clearly, the disproportionate bashing of Zardari and the PPP has not worked.

First the educated chattering classes latched on to GT road goons posing as lions. Now a borderline fascist urban elite has prostrated itself in front of an arrogant and ignorant demagogue whose incompetence, corruption and pettiness is quite apparent.

How about keeping an open mind and perhaps questioning the media narratives against PPP.

We were told that trillions of dollars and palaces full of gold have been recovered from “corrupt PPP”?

What happened to all of that?

And we were told that Zardari and Bilawal are starving millions of children in Thar.

Why are the Mummy Daddy Burger class still flogging the same absurd argument about PPP having “ruled since for the last 40 years”

In the last 40 years, PPP has had 16 years of extremely limited and curtailed governments spread over 5 different regimes. It is only in the last 12 years over 3 separate governments that PPP could carry out sustained development. And we can see that that just as they did out performed PML N/PTI/Musharraf on the economic front between 2008-13, they did better on crucial social indices.

Of course, none of the chattering class morons ever hold others accountable about their lack of performance in Sindh.

PPP managed this in spite of highly unreliable coalition partners, an obstructionist judiciary, cases based on vicious political vengeance, a prejudiced and dishonest media and constant attacks from the establishment via PML N and PTI.

Why is it that today, in 2020, Sindh has better medical facilities and is more adept at handling the greatest health threat we have ever faced. In spite of “that bed in Larkana” and all matter of debunked propaganda by right wing parties, judiciary and the media.

If Zardari was so venal, how come his 30 year old orphaned son is the only leader who makes sense when he talks to neutral media. How come he is the only leader who has the demonstrated ability to present Pakistan’s case to the rest of the world.

Or that Murad Ali Shab stands head and shoulders above all the other CMs. Or that PPP ministers seem to care more about the underprivileged than PTI and before them PML N?

Why is it that PPP is more focused on delivery while PTI and PML N are more focused on media (mis) management, patronizing hacks and courtiers, grotesque photo opportunism and nauseating self righteousness and thuggishness.

We could ponder this or we can continue to wallow in false binaries/false equivalencies, red herrings and absurd reductionist arguments.