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From day one, Niazi has not taken this threat seriously


He could have been a leader and paid attention to the border and returning Pakistanis situation in End February. He did not. Murad Ali Shah was.

It was a massive screw up by the Federal and Baluchistan government to not have proper quarantine facilities at Taftan. He slept on this with the result that PML N and Sipah e Sahaba and some liberals starting (falsely) blaming a targetted sect for the spread. But if his ministers and him were alert, it would never have gotten to that stage.

Then he ignored lock down and took the matter non-seriously like Trump and Boris Johnson and Sweden. And Spain and Italy before them.

The situation there is pretty scary.

From day 1, Niazi was spouting rubbish and his ministers were only interested in hiding their incompetency by abusing and slandering their opponents.

Sadly, this is the cult of Niazi and his brainwashed followers. The “relief” packages announced in the United States, more specifically the $2.1 trillion is a massive transfer of wealth to the wealthy. Hundreds of billions are being given to airliners and luxury cruise liners (not even registered as US companies). Airlines were using their profits to buy back their own stocks for years. Thus falsely inflating their values and creating another asset bubble.

And Niazi and his cult want us to blindly emulate this corrupt form of neo-liberalism.

Instead of providing relief and enforcing a country wide lock-down to flatten the spread of the disease, Niazi played nasty politics that exposed the true level of his pettiness. His Sindh Governor was inciting mullahs like Muneeb ur Rahman and Taqi Usmani to flout social distancing weeks ago by overruling the provincial government.

PTI government did not handle Tableeghi Jamaat gathering properly either.

As for relief, they first withheld BISP payments for 3 months and then renamed the program and made it worse. What was transferred online then became yet another disgusting photo opportunity where PTI ministers like Imran Ismail and Ali Zaidi were creating health hazards and gathering poor women. All to exploit them.

PTI could have set up safety protocols to gradually restart some businesses but here also, they are too busy pandering to corrupt real estate moguls and money launderers.

Throughout this crisis, Bilawal and Murad Ali Shah have shown leadership and have risen about the extreme pettiness of Niazi and his parochial and fascist cult members.

میں آپ سے ہاتھ جوڑ کر کہتا ہوں ،صرف لوگوں کی زندگیوں کا سوچو اس وقت سیاست نہ کرو ۔ وزیر اعلیٰ سندھ سید مراد علی شاہ#TeamSaeedGhani

Posted by Saeed Ghani on Wednesday, April 15, 2020