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Arithmetic Illiteracy of Pakistan’s media and chattering classes



For decades, we observed the slander and false accusations of Pakistan’s loudmouth corporate media and the rabid chattering classes who view this spewed propaganda as the Gospel Truth. If one had an Aanna (8 paisas) for every time some civil society type started a hearsay claim with

“My so and so heard so and so who heard it from so and so”

then one would be a very, very rich man.

Of course this propaganda is mostly reserved for populist left political leaders like Benazir, ZAB and Zardari and against the PPP.

The Pakistani media misinformed us that Sindh’s hospital facilities are derelict, there are inadequate medical facilities and all kinds of viruses, including COVID – 19 are endemic.

Clearly they were lying.

Sindh has 3 times the number of ventilators that Punjab has. And Punjab’s population is nearly double of Sindh.

Punjab has a higher outbreak of COVID – 19 and is lagging behind Sindh in control and contingency measures.

But since Punjab has been under PML N and PTI for the last 40 years, Pakistan’s DISHONEST media does utter a word but continues its slander against Sindh.

The moronic chattering classes regurgitate the script that “PPP has been in power for the last 40 years” thereby showing their lack of basic arithmetic.

PPP has been in the Federal government for 13 years (over a 53 year span) in 4 constrained and curtailed governments – all of which were overthrown in a military, judicial or bureaucratic coup.

Similarly PPP has been in Sindh government for 19 years in 6 constrained and curtailed governments. In the last 30 years, PPP has been in the Sindh government for 12 years and it is only from 2008 that Sindh, under PPP, has seen any development.

As a point of comparison, MQM has dominated (urban) Sindh for nearly 35 years including in collaboration with 2 military dictators and their subsequent spawn.

One can hope that one day, the parochial and racist rhetoric against Sindh and PPP is replaced with ground realities rooted in basic arithmetic and chronological reason.

“Pakistan’s Public Sector Hospitals – 2008 – 2018

A solid report by PBS shows that health sector evolved under the 18th Amendment devolution.

Tabah shuda and Jahil Sindh is still leading from the perha likha and roshan Punjab wagera wagera.

18th amendment the last neel in the coffin of dictatorship.