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Najib’s murder by MQM is part of its history of violence against Urdu speaking Sindhis – Raees Siddiqui



MQM platform is fascist in nature and there are three unwritten laws that MQM holds supreme. MQM and blind followers believe that MQM only party that have the right to speak of the rights of Urdu speaking Sindhis. MQM believes it is only group that it custodial of rights of Urdu speaking sect communities. MQM also feels that it only has the rights to dictate the affairs of Urban Sindh. Anyone challenging this has to be eliminated like Najib was.

Recently, Jiyalas are PPP are once again re-emerging in Urban Sindh. During Corona virus crisis, PTI which have most NA and MPA seats in Karachi totally fail. Alamgir Khan just replacing Pot hole covers and doing vandalism.

This vacuum is being filled by PPP. A Pro-MQM NGO is playing same ethnic and sectarian card used by MQM but cannot do politics openly.

While PPP leadership is reluctant to go to some few pockets held by MQM in Karachi North and Karachi East, Jiyalas are remembering bloody and violent history of Karachi under MQM.

MQM misuse ethnic and sectarian card after tragic accident of Bushra Zaidi in 1984. That is when APMSO announced its arrival as main player. Karachi burned in ethnic riots where instead of reverting to law, MQM/APSO were encouraged to resort to violence under General Zia ul Haq dictatorship. As per accounts, General Zia even attended a speech by Altaf Hussain.

Zia’s goal was to divide Pakistan on basis of sect and ethnicity. That is why under his reign, encouragement was given to “Sindhi” and “Muhajir” nationalists to carve out their fiefdom.

As per fashion commentator and diehard MQM supporter, Mohsin Sayeed, 15,000 Urdu speakers were killed during 1984 riots. This is obviously a highly exaggerated and 1-sided account meant to create divides between Urdu speakers and growing Pakhtun Speaking population in Urban Sindh.

Similar stories are concocted to cover up MQM’s complicity in murder of Najib Ahmed, popular Urdu speaking PSF leader of Karachi. Najib’s death was meant to destroy ethnic harmony in Karachi. It was a violent and fascist tactic to show that only MQM represent Urdu speakers interest.

PSF, like PPP is a federalist organisation where party left ideology takes precedent over ethnic fascism. A viral post by photo journalist Zahid Hussain provided important details from this era and Jiyalas from all over the world shared their memories of the sad day when MQM murdered Najib and scores of other Pakistanis.

MQM had the backing of Punjab CM Nawaz Sharif. Soon after 1990 GIK-MNS coup against 18 month PPP government, hand over Karachi to MQM terrorists, Jam Sadiq and rapist Irfanullah Marwat. 1990-92 was one of darkest era of Karachi when MQM unleashed reign of terror. And Jam Sadiq of Nawaz Sharif give free hand to MQM in this time.

But tide changed. MQM became over ambitious and kidnapped an army officer. Zia remains in army were still backing MQM and Nawaz Sharif – both protege of Gen Zia.

MQM started going against its benefactors in army and bringing Karachi to a standstill. In summer of 1995, MQM murdered over 100 Karachi citizens over a 3 day period and streets of Karachi were littered with burning buses and dead bodies.

The 1995 operation against MQM militias lead to about 90-100 targeted encounters against dangerous criminals like Fahim Commando and Farooq Patni also known as “Dada”. There were scary confessions that provided details of no go areas and torture cells.

This operation was due to failure of judiciary which continue till today. But fallout was quick and PPP government was overthrown. Police officers were slowly eliminated who took part in this operation and MQM Terrorism started again.

Edhi was threatened by MQM’s current patron, Imran Khan. In Karachi, MQM loyalists spread nasty and disgusting rumors about Edhi. This was 1990s when charity groups like Edhi focused on providing charity services; not 24/7/365 project of their “Khidmaat” and “Tahafuz”.

Nawaz Sharif and Musharaf again allowed MQM to do politics with threat of violence. Prominent Karachi citizens like Shahid Hamid was murdered by MQM hit-men. Hakim Saeed, a beloved Urdu speaking intellectual, academic and philanthropist of Karachi was also killed in renewed MQM target killing. In the case of Hakim Saeed, MQM was acquitted by same judiciary that also acquitted many sectarian killers like Malik Ishaq.

MQM was more a mafia organization that provide cover to sectarian and ethnic terrorists. Baldia fire that killed nearly 300 poor laborers including women was done by MQM. Also 2009 Ashura blasts that killed 150 Pakistanis from both sects. This was followed by pre planned destruction of shops and part of MQM strategy.

First facilitate attack on Ahle Tashio community. Then start more violence to give bad name to same community. We have Saulat Mirza testimony that implicate MQM at highest level plus many speeches promoting violence and threat by Altaf Hussain himself.

But when MQM went too far against same agencies that propped him up, his fascist organisation was broken into many pieces.

Ali Raza Abidi was killed when he was in process of leaving MQM. Same thing happened to Dr Imran Farooq.

In Karachi, MQM is known by famous Eagles song: “You can step out any time you like but you can never leave”

In 2017, Karachi finally return to peace after MQM broken up. Daily Target killing and terrorism come down rapidly but Ali Raza Abidi was hopefully one of MQM’s last high profile victims.

MQM dream of breaking up Sindh lies in tatters as they are now splintering themselves. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui barely keeping remains of MQM Pakistan together in short term.

The murder of Ali Raza Abidi is very similar to the murder of Najib Ahmed nearly 30 years ago. MQM had perfected the art of murder and with break up of MQM, violence in Karachi go down.