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Bernie made the same mistake that Corbyn did of second guessing his basic policy platform


In spite of his horrible record as a war criminal, creepy pervert and corrupt corporate shill, Biden has “won” the 2020 Democratic primaries. He is demented and senile but the liberals still love him. The allegations of rape against him do not matter because, you know, Trump.

Biden won; as both he and Bernie were still asking their supporters to vote and risk their lives during a global pandemic. Biden won sweeping primary victories over Bernie even before the US finally woke up to COVID – 19.

Bernie had decent things on his domestic platform even if his foreign policy was as morally reprehensible as others warmongering Democrats and Republicans.

When it comes to illegally bombing other countries with (reduced) Uranium atom bombs, that poison the environment forever, Bernie has been on board ever since he approved the Balkans bombing in the 1990s.

But his domestic policies on health and education and taxation were ideally suited to handle this pandemic crisis. However, Bernie still managed to drop the ball as his focus shifted from economics to identity politics and repeating CIA talking points on Syria, Venezuela and Russia.

Bernie made the same mistake that Corbyn did of second guessing his basic policy platform. Labour had traditionally opposed UK’s unification with the EU and in 2017, the Corbyn- lead Labour Party nearly defeated the Tories.

But Corbyn was falsely slandered as a hater and then proposed a second referendum on Brexit. The result was a record defeat of Labour at the hands of a Boris Johnson-lead Tory.

Neoliberalism, or whatever you want to call the system that stripped the basic social safety net for vulnerable citizens, has won again. Bernie like Corbyn, bent the knee to the Neoliberals and the result was a reversal of the gains he made in 2016.

No doubt the Democrat party establishment/DNC rigged the game against Bernie and their media mouthpieces like NBC and CNN obliged.

But Bernie didn’t do his campaign any favors with his soft to no opposition of “his friend” Biden’s disastrous policies. A more politically savvy set of mature voters were able to discern that Bernie is spineless and voted accordingly for Biden. Bernie could not get the youth and independent vote out in enough numbers in 2020 and lost.

But the never Trump policy backfired in 2016. It may backfire again in 2020 even as Trump has made a mess handling the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately, aside from a couple of governors acting tough, the Dems have not done much better.

If Biden/Cuomo/Hillary/Buttigieg/Kloubacher/Warren/Bernie/Harris still manage to lose the 2020 elections, it would probably mean a few more wars. Perhaps one with Russia as well. Definitely anyone with a kind word for Bernie will be socially ostracized.

If one wants to read a horribly biased and inaccurate cobbling of opinions presented as facts, read this NBC hit job against Sanders. Full of False binaries. NBC/CNN is to Establishment Democrats as GEO/DAWN are glorified mouthpieces of Nawaz Sharif and ARY of Niazi/Selectors.

Bernie himself ran an increasingly spineless campaign. In order to win, Sanders should have challenged the rotting edifice of the Establishment. Instead he let his surrogates (AOC, Ilhan, Mehdi Hassan, Sarsour) drag him towards a typical and failed SJW campaign.

Bernie regurgitated CIA talking points on Venezuela, Syria and RussiaGate instead of taking on the establishment. At a time of populism, Bernie ran a sheep dog campaign. He shut out allies like Tulsi Gabbard who then went on to endorse Biden.

The problem was that Bernie had already endorsed “his friend” Joe Biden weeks ago while still being in the campaign.

The COVID-19 crisis was tailor made for Sanders to challenge the failed 2- party consensus on Corporate welfare and Socialism for Billionaire oligarchs. Instead he faltered again and conceded another $2.1 trillion bailout for crumbs. This bailout will be used to give billions to luxury cruise liners that are not even registered in the United States!

Au Revoir Bernie.