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Workers and daily wages in majority are suffering from the lockdown – Media Reports

Sindh government had decided well, when it had declared complete lock-down in the province and imposing of 144 of PPC. But now it seems that it is failing to implement some of orders issues by him and failing to fulfill its promises made for workers and daily wagers.

In the province of Sindh #Lockdown is worsening the condition of lower sections of working class and they are forced to starve. News received from different towns reveal that majority sections of laborers are not getting ration and local administration of that towns have become unable to distribute ration and financial aid among majority people suffering from lock-down and they have no money to buy ration.

I read today news published in Sindhi dailies that reveal the mismanagement, bad governance and discrimination are involved in distributing mechanism devised by local administrations. A news item tells us that a Sugar mill in a town of Sindh is not paying salaries of the workers and no government body is taking notice of this, workers are suffering from this. In many towns of Sindh we are seeing laborers including men and women, small traders like tailors have forced to come out and to make protest over hunger, starving they are suffering from joblessness due to lock-down in their areas.

Factories in Industrial areas of Karachi are being closed and workers are being sent on forced leave without pay, for example Yesterday, Younas Textile mills and Alkaram Textile mills have been closed and employees were sent on leave without pay and salaries. Same thing happened in Artistic Milliner Factory Unit No2 , where Factory Management have not only closed the unit but ordered all workers to go their home and asked 750 workers that they were on leave without pay till reopening of the unit.

Sindh Government led by PPP had promised that anyone in the workers of the factories and private big and medium trading groups would get his/her salary regularly during the lock-down in the province but factory and mill owners, big and medium trading groups are not paying to their workers on contract and on daily wage. Labor Department Sindh had issued a notification in which all owners and employers had become bound to pay their employees, if they closed down their units. But still Labor Department Sindh has not taken action even a single factory owner.

If Sindh Government doesn’t take action against factories’ owner and management over clear violation being made and workers don’t get the salaries, daily wagers don’t get their daily wages and mismanagement, bad governance and mishandling in distribution of ration and financial aid continue, then it will face great chaos.

In Punjab, KPK, Islamabad, Baluchistan, Gilgit Balitstan and Pakistani held Kashmir many sections of working class are facing same condition, they are not getting their salaries, daily wages and Federal, provincials governments have not able to distribute ration and financial aid among all such workers equally and without discrimination. Lock-down without ensuring of giving ration and financial aid to every deserved person and family and it is not possible without bounding every employer to pay salary and daily wage of his/her every employee.