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Rabi Peerzada and the Freedom of Speech



Rabi, like Farhat Hashmi, Ilmana Fasih and other carefully disguised polemicists should have the right to spew their nonsense. Just as others should have the right to call out and confront this hate speech against the Holy Prophet’s family. Hate speech should only be curtailed when it is inciting murder.

There cannot be selective condemnation of the Blasphemy law as Pakistani liberals do. Pakistani liberals support that part of the blasphemy law that was backed by Zia ul Haq and Nawaz Sharif and which calls for capital punishments against those who criticize the historical opponents of the Holy Prophet.

In a Hussain Day speech at an elite business school, #JibranNasir indirectly supported this Ziaist section of the blasphemy law. Liberal opportunists and sellouts like Jibran have never supported the rights of Shia Muslims booked under the controversial Blasphemy law.

Some of the best rebuttals against the Takfiri hate spewed against Hazrat Abu Talib comes from Sunni Muslim clerics like Dr. Tahir ul Qadri. Some of Pakistan’s current crop of Shia clerics like Jawad Naqvi are too busy playing politics and playing nice with Sipah e Sahaba.

Rabi’s rubbish deserves an intellectual response. The reason for that is simple. Islam as a faith would not have been possible without Hazrat Abu Talib, Abdul Mutalib, Bibi Amna, Hazrat Abdullah and Bibi Khadija. They represent the inner core of what formed, protected and supported the Holy Prophet for the first 50 years of his life. And yet, the Takfiri hate against them is to ensure that they are not considered as as essential part of Islam.

These personalities represent the core symbolism of divinity, humanity, love, mysticism, dynamism, morality, courage and devotion. Without them , Maula Ali and Bibi Fatima, the Holy Prophet was alone.

The Divine validation of the Holy Prophet and Islam would not have been possible without these personalities. And that is why they are being targeted by Modernist and Reformist hate mongers.

That is why both Zakir Naik and Pakistani liberals get busy every Muharram to try and polish the boots (or sandals?) of murderous Ummayad tyrants. Both rely on the immoral and power obsessed sectarian Ummayad version of Islam.

For liberals, this mutated and perverted version is important for their commercial activity to cash in on the Islamophobia industry. For Zakir Naik, it is to justify the Saudi petro dollars that prop up his Indian Evangelical empire.

Those in Pakistan can only respond with one hand tied behind their back as they cannot call out those who usurped the rights of the Holy Prophet’s family and murdered them. The Liberal apologists of Caliph Yazeed know that.

So if the liberating Tabbara is not an option, at least utilise Tawala. Respond to hate with knowledge.

That being said, Tabarra too is highly underrated. What can be more liberating than dismissing hate by leaving the decision to the Almighty. But that is banned in Pakistan and all those countries which want to suppress history.

So educate Rabi about the legacy of Hazrat Abu Talib. About this brave and noble soul who resisted immense pressure, abuse and the murder of his own sons and descendants to stand up for his orphaned nephew, Muhammad, the Holy Prophet.

Remember him, Bibi Fatima binte Asad and Bibi Khadija who provided the most important important emotional and financial support to the Holy Prophet. Get these points across to Rabi instead of threatening her and attacking her former personal life. That is the way of nobility of the Holy Prophet and his Banu Hashim.