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COVID-19 Represents a Global destruction caused by the Neo-liberal Centrist doctrine of Corporate Exceptionalism



We are now in a horrific reality where Corporations are presiding over a global destruction. Even before 2020’s Corona Virus pandemic, we were headed for climate collapse and economic disaster. Now it’s worse.

As billions of people face lock-down, we have governments who cannot or will not provide for the most vulnerable. Amazon humiliated and fired a protestor who had exposed the unsafe conditions that its workers were being subjected to in the time of a global pandemic. The global economy can easily provide the food supplies, internet coverage and medical treatment to the entire planet. But it chose not to. We can blame the government of China for not informing the world earlier and not providing untampered data. But China’s economic clout is a direct result of corporations exploiting China for its inexpensive labour operating under draconian laws.

We have entire countries in South America whose water resources have been stolen by rapacious corporations. In South Asia, a British corporation raped and looted us to the tune of £45 trillion as per one estimate.

On 4th April, many of us PPP supporters in Pakistan were commemorating ZAB who was murdered by a quisling judiciary under a US-backed military dictator. Of course, neo-liberal centrists use this time to trash and slander leaders like Bhutto. Anyone who presents even the slightest threat to corporate hegemony and the brutal rape of this planet is trashed. Whether it is Corbyn and Sanders in 2020 or Bhutto who was hung to death by the Zia regime in 1979.

Any country that resisted this destructive global order was attacked and destroyed. Syria, Libya and Yemen are recent examples. Venezuela and Bolivia are ongoing examples.

These corporations selectively preach the modernist mantra of Open Borders. But this openness is only reserved for powerful corporations and exploiting inexpensive labor.

These disastrous Neo-liberal policies have increased suffering and destruction around the planet and in the era of COVID -19, we have seen its true destruction.

Just recently, some petty boutique leftists in Pakistan were moaning about being laid off from a corrupt NGO, #TheCitizensArchive run by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.

For over a decade, this corrupt NGO was actively distorting history in Pakistan. One such example was a perverted painting of Benazir Bhutto falsely depicting her as sitting in General Zia ul Haq’s lap and smiling. Aside from the disgusting perversion, this was also a dishonest portrayal as General Zia had murdered Benazir’s father. Zia had Benazir thrown in jail and his protege, Nawaz Sharif had continued with his dirty and slimy politics against Benazir.

And the Citizen’s Archive was the den of this historical perversion. It was a collection of failed boutique leftists and commercial liberals profiting off the corrupted proceeds of powerful corporations. For these sellouts to moan and complain now only exposes their complicity further.

So take note. All those justifying destructive coups and the rape of the planet by powerful and multinational corporations are the same ones trashing Bhutto and any other leader who dared to challenge this order.

Bhutto was not just hated by the Mullahs for snatching the OIC and making it about Third World empowerment in 1974. He is also hated by Pakistan’s venal and feckless drawing room gossip mongers and ivory tower Intellectuals. It is no surprise then to see Bhutto’s PPP as among the viable forces to take on these powerful corporations. These same corporations are backing the Niazi regime.