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How to manufacture Prime Minister



Scour powerful clans and tribes that dominate the civil military bureaucracy

Make sure the chosen candidates attend the best schools and colleges. Intelligence does not matter as much as looks and physique.

Make sure that the chosen candidate has far,far more opportunities to succeed and his needs are taken care of. A swanky apartment in Kensington London should be easily available.

Philandering helps.

Remove all competition and obstacles in the way

Protect his drug habit

If he has success in any team sport, make sure the best talent is available around him. Including a high IQ Mum-Dad to make all the strategic calculations and decisions.

Utilise Philanthropy as a Branding, employment and money laundering venture. Add an emotional Freudian touch to the philanthropy project

Misuse every misery and problem to manipulate public sentiment in favour of the candidate and/or the philanthropic organization.

There is also Botox and hair replacement therapy and extended gym sessions to prop up aging.

Terrorist endorsements, purchasing electables and election rigging to get to the finish line.

But then what???

That part has not been figured out since Generals Chishti and Zia manufactured Nawaz Sharif.