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Discrimnaton, Hatemongering, Islamophobia terms are being used mostly out of context



Condemning the Tablighee Jamaat over its stupid and deadly decision to hold religio-social gatherings at their international, national Centers of preaching – Tablighee Marakiz in the time of Corona Virus pandemic is not Hate-mongering against Tablighee Jamaat as it is not hate mongering against Shia Muslim community to condemn those clerics and Shia organizations who are instigating Shia Muslims to continue their collective religio-social practices like IJatami-Matamdari- Chest-beating in collective form in Imambargahs or at public place or organizing mourning commemorations – Majalis-e-Aza or visiting holy Shrines either in Pakistan or in Iran and Iraq. Banning the Namaz-e-Ba-Jamaat ( prayers offering collectively in mosques) or banning the Friday prayers in the time of corona pandemic is not discrimination against the Muslims of India or of Pakistan or of Bangladesh.

When any group or individual defends the Tablighee Jamaat and singles out Shia Muslims visitors of holy shrines of Iran in the time of pandemic or he defends the collective religio-social gatherings and practices of some sections of Shia-Muslims in the time of pandemic and criticizes religio-social gatherings of other sects or of other religions, that is selective rag and in fact act of hate-mongering.

For example when banned Takfiree outfit ASWJ/ SSP blames Shia-Muslims as a whole or Shia Muslim visitors of holy Shrines in Iran from Pakistan for spreading Corona virus in Pakistan, even calls it “Shia-Virus” and runs a campaign in social media against Shia-Muslims and obfuscates the other factors involved in spreading corona virus in Pakistan, that is clear anti-shia, sectarian hate-mongering campaign deserves condemnation.

Same example of selective rag and of strengthening the anti-Shia Muslims campaign was press conference of PML-N’s leaders particularly statement given by Khawaja Asif.

In that live press conference PML-N blamed Shia-Muslim visitors for spreading corona virus in Pakistan and they didn’t utter even single sentence against holding of international Tablighee Ijtima- gathering at Raivind where 1.5 million participants were present including foreign delegates and we know well that many participants had corona virus affected and they certainly infected many others participants. Some liberals and leftists have focused on Shia-Muslim visitors and defended Tablighee congregations.

In India I saw many tweets of liberals and leftists from Muslim family background mocking Hindu pundits and chief Minister of UP Yogi over their insistence of organizing religious festivals or collective bathing in river of Ganges and Yamuna( Ashnan) under taunting slogan ‘ Yogi Aisa Mat Karo- Ram Ko Badnam Mut Karo’ but they didn’t repeat such practice in case of Tablighee gatherings or over opposing ban over collective prayers offering in mosques. Even they accused of hate-mongering on those people who are demanding ban on all religio-social gatherings including Tablighee gathering in Delhi India.

When administration of all Indian states began to tracking the attendees of Tablighee gathering at Alami Marakaz-e-Tabligh , Delhi Police registered an FIR over violation of 144 against Marakzi Amir of Tablighee Jamaat Maulana Saad and others , seized the centers and mosques where attendees were staying or hiding then various Indian Muslim organizations and various liberals and leftists began to condemning such acts while calling it discrimination against Muslim community.

A tiny section in Pakistani left and liberals tried to define such things in light of Marxist and liberal terms and falsely they began to say that Tablighee Jamaat is being suppressed and Indian and Pakistan states are violating the basic human rights of members of TJ and creating hurdles in their practicing of religious duties. These are those liberals and leftists, who didn’t take such position in case of Shia-Muslim visitors, when they were singled out and called sole responsible of spreading corona virus in Pakistan.(Check their FB timeline between January to first three weeks of March and see their tweets also).

Now they are saying that federal and provincial governments in Pakistan are trying to obfuscate their policy failure while putting all blame on TJ and some are adding word Shia. They argue that govts are spreading Shia-Sunni sectarianism by doing so.

But evidences and facts are against such arguments. It was not government which first blamed Shia-Muslim visitors for Corona virus but commercial liberal mafia, Takfiree elements like ASWJ/ SSP and unfortunately PML-n stalwarts who not only mocking Shia-Muslim visitors but singled out federal ministers and Advisors to PM having Shia-Muslim background like Zulfi Bukhari and Syed Ali Zaidi.

Recently Syed Zulfiqar Bukhari,Special Assistance to PM intended to sue against Khawaja Asif over his sectarian statement against him. Federal Government is patronizing tallest leader of TJ Maulana Tariq Jamil, Punjab Government led by PTI allowed TJ organizing its international gathering at its international center of Tabligh during locked down and despite of imposition of 144 PPc and it was aware of the fact that many international foreign and local preachers were CoronaVid-19 affected and they would infected it others. It is true that we cannot spare government officials from responsibility for spreading coronavirus through Tablighee members but it is not responsible for suppressing TJ but providing grounds them to spread this virus in masses is failure of the governments.

Now when administration are tracking the attendees lately and making efforts of ensuring social distancing while declaring suspected centers of Tablighi Jamaat Quarantines, our some liberals and leftists are calling it discrimination and suppression.

You can say that state and state machinery are responsible, because they are not properly Quarantined and didn’t screen the people gathered at Taftan Pak-Iran border, they are responsible for not quarantining the suspected people coming from Saudi Arab after performing Umra , they are responsible not banning religio-social gatherings including gathering of TJ in time. Our criticism on mere locking down the people but not providing protective kits, testing equipment, sufficient labs, rations and financial aid to all daily-wagers, poor and vulnerable sections of the society. You are right when you say that spreading of Corona virus in Pakistan or India is not just due to TJ gatherings or Shia Muslim visitors but they partially share the responsibility.