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GT Road afflicted with both Corona and PML N virus

For over a month after COVID19 hit Pakistan, PML N was no where to be found. PPP took the lead. Niazi kept ranting bitterly and seems unable to meet this challenge. Even with the full cooperation of the army.

Then Show-Baz Sharif Jalib waltzed into town a week ago and Patwari liberals like Gul Bukhari reactivated their twitter feed. Show-baz tried to desperately tried to present himself as the savior. He thinks that a face mask prevents one from getting computer viruses as well. Yep, this is the same Show-Baz who is falsely credited for Pakistan’s meagre tech exports.

Of course, PML N being the civil face of Sipah e Sahaba did not stop here. Patwaris with the help of Lota PTIians (Fawad Chaudhry) are running a sectarian hate campaign against the original PTI and against targeted faith communities. Even in this time of crisis, PML N is more concerned in resuscitating Takfiri terrorism and dividing Pakistan on the basis of sectarian intolerance.

PML N has always been a slimy gutter operation. PPP should be careful about using PML N social media and Electronic media outlets like GEO and Naya Daur.

PPP workers and leadership need to be very careful of PML N. As their resurgence has shown, PPP does not need to pay any lip service to the disastrous and dirty politics of PML N. Let these GT road goons fight their own dirty battles.

PPP should remain focused on the task of delivery in the time of crisis.