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Pakistani Sectarian bigots furthering weaponizing COVID19


There is a coordinated effort by Sipah e Sahaba, liberals and PML N to attack Shia Muslims in Pakistan. Pakistan’s first DIAGNOSED patient who tested positive for the Corona Virus happened to be Shia Muslim. He had returned to Pakistan on the 20th of February and VOLUNTARILY underwent testing the very next day. Within a couple of days, he was tested positive and submitted himself to quarantine and treatment.

His own account is in this Express Tribune article


His treatment was taken care of by the Sindh PPP government. Sadly his name was leaked by the media – a highly unethical practice.

Nearly a month later, on March 13 as Pakistan was headed towards a lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic, the Federal and Punjab governments (both under Imran Niazi’s PTI) failed to suspend the transnational, Deobandi Tableeghi Jamaat ijtima (gathering) which has hundreds of thousands of attendees.

While Sipah e Sahaba, PML N and Pakistani liberals have selectively attacked Shia Muslims and their beliefs, they have remained wishy washy at best about the Deobandi TJ gathering.

The attacks against Shia Muslims by these lobbies have the same script:

– Attack Shia beliefs of paying respect to the Holy Prophet, his descendants and his family.
– Perpetuate the Iran = Shia Binary
– Single and point out the Shia Ministers in the Government
– Demonize Shias victims
– give a free pass to the Balochistan provincial government that failed to provide proper quarantine facilities.

The hypocrisy of identifying and demonizing Shia pilgrims who have cooperated with the State’s efforts to quarantine versus Deobandi clerics like Taqi Usmani who have defied the precautions of social distancing is clear.

While poor Shia pilgrims were languishing in horrific conduction at the Pakistan-Iran border district (Taftan), liberals were demonizing and blaming the victims using the following playbook:

“So the shrines didn’t cure you”
“Your loyalty is more with Iran anyways”
“You should have stayed back in Iran”

This is the same playbook being used by ISIS-affiliated Deobandi groups like Sipah e Sahaba.

This disgusting and selective sectarian shaming has put Shia Muslims in Pakistan in harm’s way. Estimated between 15-20% of Pakistan’s population, Shia Muslims have been targeted by the same Deobandi terrorist groups that have killed 70,000 Pakistanis from all faith groups.

These terrorist groups have attacked Sunnis (Barelvi, Sufi, Deobandi), Shias, Christians, Ahmadis, Sikhs and Hindus in Pakistan.

Of course liberals never specifically identify terrorist groups with their Deobandi faith. They only get specific when it comes to shaming Shia Muslim pilgrims. These liberals only get specific when it comes to regurgitating CIA talking points on Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya.

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  • Maulana virus is worse than Corona virus. So called Religious leaders are taking advantage of the situation and playing an extra ordinary dangerous game to exploit the common Pakistani. Very sad indeed. This is going on for almost 75 years. Objectivity resolution played a very big role in playing this horrible game and we have won the World Cup of Sectarianism and unfortunately feel proud about it.