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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari unites Pakistan in the fight against the Corona virus pandemic



Pakistan’s young Parliamentarian and de facto Leader of the Opposition has stood out in the fight against the #COVID19 outbreak.

Since 2015, Bilawal backed and supported PPP’s Murad Ali Shah as Sindh province’s Chief Minister.

Together, they have re-energized Pakistan’s only organic, Federal party, the centre-left PPP. And none too soon as the PPP has taken the lead in tackling the global pandemic. Other Pakistani provinces are following the blueprint of PPP in taking safety, testing and treatment measures.

Instead of mudslinging and misogynist slurs, Bilawal and the PPP have focused on issues. For decades, Bilawal’s political rivals have slandered his parents and grand parents using the most filthy tactics.

Pakistan’s upper-middle chattering classes have spent decades regurgitating the Zia-ist propaganda against the PPP.

Today, it is Bilawal who is using applications like Zoom to get Pakistan’s political leadership on board. This is what Pakistan needs. Mature leadership.

This maturity is not coming from 65-70 year old establishment-gestated Niazis and Sharif’s. It is coming from a 31-year old Bilawal.