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Show-baz Sharif’s cynical attempt to exploit the Corona Virus pandemic is headed for failure



Days ago, Shahbaz Sharif made a gamble to return to Pakistan. His goals were to undermine and sabotage the government’s ongoing efforts to tackle the #COVID19 pandemic. He also wanted to exploit the crisis to pacify an imploding PML N.

The Sharif’s were hoping that the Federal and provincial governments would not be able to coordinate their efforts and take timely action.

However, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s timely efforts to try and unite the government at different levels, seem to be paying off.

Punjab CM Buzdar finally sprang into action and copied CM Murad Ali Shah’s initiatives in Sindh. PM Imran Khan Niazi seems to be finally accepting the reality that he will have to accept PPP’s leadership in this crisis.

This is not the time to play politics as Showbaz Sharif tried to do. The Sharif dynasty has stayed silent and apathetic for the last month when the COVID 19 pandemic reached Pakistan. In fact, Maryam Nawaz was more concerned with protecting the corrupt and slimy Shakeel ur Rahman than taking any lead towards addressing this crisis.

Journalists and commercial liberals on PML N’s payroll have been trying to spin Shahbaz’s return as the end of Imran Khan Niazi and PTI. They are desperately trying to show that the Sharif’s have repaired their relations with Pakistan’s domestic establishment. Yep, the same Sharif’s whom they earlier misrepresented as “anti establishment”

It is imperative that PTI gets its act together even more because Shahbaz has been desperately signalling his willingness to bend the knee.