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PPP Sindh Government implements lockdown while PM Select Niazi vacillates



Some months back, PPP was once again being selectively bashed for not opposing the extension of the army chief. PML N had already bent the knee and PPP’s opposition would only have been for symbolic purposes. It would have once again pitted them against the army during an economic and constitutional crisis.

Those attacking the PPP were the same useless liberals who regurgitate CIA talking points; that are now calling for the US military to topple the government there.

PPP did the wise thing and supported a bill that was already going to pass through. These dishonest liberals who support the Military Industrial Complex of the United States wanted to derail PPP again and exploited many of our young and passionate Jiyalas and PPP supporters.

The same liberal opportunists wanted PPP to spend its precious little political capital to protest the arrest of a corrupt, slimy, corporate media Don like Mir Shakeel ur Rahman.

The same commercial liberal sellouts wanted PPP to commemorate and promote backstabbing opportunists like the late Mubashir Hasan.

PPP has suffered enough and correctly chose to stay clear of these boutique, regressive and counterproductive causes.

Today, it is only the PPP Sindh government that is using its little political capital to mobilize Sindh and the Army to protect the population from Corona Virus.

Niazi is too compromised to the corrupt and elite interests to address the #COVID19 pandemic. Niazi opposes a much needed lock-down because he does not want to help Pakistan’s working classes by providing lost wage subsidies and essential rations.

Once again PPP has shown that it is answerable to working class Pakistanis and not corrupt oligarchs.