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Boutique Leftists black out dissenting voices – by Muhammad Aamir Hussaini



Yesterday, A Lahore based journalist and fiction writer made a phone call to me and revealed that he was removed and blocked from a WhatsApp group ‘Lahore Left Group’ created by Comrade Farooq Tariq , when he had differed with those,who are posing Mir Shakeel Ur Rahman-MSR , Owner of Geo-Jang Media Group and suggesting that: There Should be held a protest the banner of ‘Lahore Left’.

The said Journalist is jobless because he has been expelled along with other four hundreds journalist comrades from a media group without advance notice and salary of two month. He told me that workers of Jang-Geo media group are not being paid since 4 month. MSR has closed offices of four newspapers and just dummies are being published to save the declarations of those newspapers. All paid staff of these newspapers have been expelled without paying their dues.

Lahore Left is a plate farm where such leftists are dominated which are under influence of those commercial liberals, who were serving for PML-N’s Nawaz Sharif and who are presenting conflict of interests of capitalist ruling classes and division among them as Establishment VS Anti-Establishment.

Dominated Boutique leftists in Lahore Left proved again and again that they are not for working class but they are in service of this or that group of ruling class.

Boutique Leftists from Lahore are very active on Facebook, Twitter ,WhatsApp for MSR but they never made serious effort to build a Media workers’ movement against media owners for rights of media workers.

Boutique Left know well that in all offices of media groups Trade Union activities have been made impossible through bogus and pocket CBAs. They know well that all media owners are involved in making ghost and fake ‘Outsource companies’ and all new cadres in media industry are employees of those ghost outsource companies. Thus new cadres in the media industry have been deprived to get benefits from Wage Board Award. Third Party Contract is a curse not only in other industries but it is imposed as curse in media industry also.

Lahore Left or other left groups if they are serious to launch a movement for real Press Freedom and for media workers then they should withdraw immediately their support for media owners and work for organizing media workers for their rights. They should run awareness campaign in masses.