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DAWN’s pathetic and lame editorial sounds like a cry for help



PML N is crumbling. Will, at least the PML N that is the imagination of Pakistan’s #CommercialLiberalMafia. For these liberal sellouts, a GT road party of El Chapos and crony capitalists represents their ideal of “resistance” against the Establishment.

But the Sharif family dons are cooling their heels in expensive London shops and swanky restaurants. While the sleazy media goons they patronised for decades are getting exposed for taking bribes.

PML N is the party that caters to the rabid, right wing sectarian constituency of Central Punjab. This is the constituency that was built by Generals Zia and Hamid Gul and it was build on hate, sleaze and corruption.

After Hussain Haqqani and his DC sponsored network of sellouts derailed the 2008-13 PPP government, they were welcomed (back) into PML N. As a Saudi proxy, PML N was always going to be the preferred government of choice for the United States.

Nawaz Sharif thought that he could become the Erdogan of Pakistan. Instead the last 3 years have shown that his only political role in Pakistan is to survive as a GT road chauvinist and hope to hell that he can somehow buy enough power and influence to loot Pakistan’s economy some more.

This is what Nawaz Sharif and his PML did from 2013-18 when they derailed an economy that was painstakingly put on a growth track by the previous PPP government.

Nawaz sharif destroyed a growing manufacturing and agricultural sector by raising power prices multiple folds. Even though he enjoyed oil prices 3X times lower than what PPP had to endure.

PTI’s biggest folly was their inability to read this economic disaster but then again, Niazi was never known for his intelligence. He promised the moon and delivered a turd.

PML N will come back at some time but will return back in it’s true face – as a bunch of hard right, GT road chauvinists who appeal to the urban, Jamaatiya, shopkeeper mindset.