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Mir Shakil ur Rahman’s corrupt dealings with Nawaz Sharif have nothing to do with media freedom



In the 1980s during the General Zia Ul Haq dictatorship, Nawaz Sharif facilitated choice commercial real estate to sleazy right wing corporate media dons like Mir Shakil.

These corrupt real estate deals with Mir Shakil are worth billions today. And since the 1980s, Mir Shakil has been a willing tool for the establishment and its dirty spawn like Nawaz Sharif.

Shakil’s primary job was to promote military dictatorships, corrupt judges and Nawaz Sharif. A major part of Shakil’s and JANG groups portfolio was mudslinging against the PPP.

In the mid-2000s and especially under General Kiyani, Shakil and the Jang group also got funding from VOA. The corrupted judiciary helped JANG group avoid billions in tax as part of a Quid Pro Quo for promoting the Kiyani-Nawaz backed lawyers movement.

Imran Niazi has his own media preferences and the establishment no longer requires its former sleazy assets like Mir Shakil.

A group of commercial liberals wants us to feel sorry for Mir Shakil. Where were they when Mir Shakil was until recently collaborating with NAB in a political witch hunt against PPP??

Shakil cannot have it both ways. You cannot play footsie with the established and enjoy billions in kickbacks and tax evasion and then cry foul when the gravy train stops.

If these liberals are so concerned about freedom of the press, how about they ask the same pretenders to try and start behaving like a press.