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Mubashir Hasan’s passing away ends his legacy of betrayal, bitterness and hypocrisy



In his bitter slander against Bhutto and PPP (“The Mirage of Power”) Mubashir Hasan slandered a dead Bhutto as a spy who had no links with the masses. This is typical hypocrisy on Mubashir’s part who joined a breakaway PPP faction literally named “Shaheed Bhutto”!!

If Bhutto was an establishment quisling, why did Mubashir Hasan join a party that literally cashed in on Bhutto’s name??

As a Rentier owner of choice Evacue Property in Mian Channu, Mubashir Hasan lectured others about socialism and Marxism. Yet another example of a champagne socialist.

Mubashir Hasan supported both General Karamat’s engineered coup against the 1996 PPP government and during General Musharaf’s “accountability drive”. In 2009, Mubashir Hassan joined hands with Jamaat e Islami and the corrupt Iftikhar Chaudhry to attack another PPP government

And this bitter gossip is now being presented as a socialist, democrat and voice of the oppressed!!

Backstabbers like Mubashir Hasan and Mairaj Mohammad Khan spent the second half of their bitter and failed political careers slandering Benazir Bhutto, ZAB and Nusrat Bhutto while joining hands with General Hamid Gul and Jamaat e Islami.

The lack of an clear and in depth analysis of failed lefties like Mubashir is symptomatic of the intellectual dishonesty in Pakistan’s boutique left.

PPP has made blunders and its leaders are far from perfect. But we don’t need compromised and bitter turncoats to misguide us either.

Post Script: During the dark years of the CIA-backed General Zia ul Haq judiciary when PPP supporters were imprisoned, flogged in public stadiums and hanged and executed, Mubashir Hasan was no where to be found. He had already left PPP when Bhutto was still alive.

After Bhutto’s death, Mubashir Hasan continued his slander against his old comrade Bhutto while also smearing Benazir and Nusrat Bhutto who were leading the MRD movement against the military dictatorship of General Zia.

As an obvious establishment mole, Mubashir achieved his goal of corrupting the left in the PPP where Rentier landlords like him can pose as Marxists. He indirectly supported other military coups and dictatorships for the reminder of his bitter existence.

At least the Bhutto and now Zardari family are open about their feudal wealth and Bhutto even tried to pass much needed land reform legislation. What did Mubashir achieve by aligning with military dictators and Jamaat e Islami??

Much of the propaganda and dirt against PPP can be traced back to Mubashir Hasan. His true legacy is one of failure and bitterness.

PPP was founded in a Gulberg bungalow in Lahore by left-socialists. However Bhutto very quickly made it into a mass populist party that resided in the dusty fields and streets of Pakistan. PPP never became stale like the fringe sectarian socialists who aligned with either Moscow or Beijing and refused to align with PPP since the 1970 elections.

Those few fringe characters who joined the party managed to make a name by residing under Bhutto’s shadow. These characters like Mubashir Hasan enjoyed the party organisation perks like general secretary right before Bhutto was overthrown in a military coup.

Like rats on a sinking ship, Mubashir Hasan and some others jumped ship and sat out the upheaval that saw PPP workers and the Bhutto family being jailed, flogged, tortured and murdered.

After Bhutto and both his sons were murdered, Mubashir Hasan joined the fringe PPP faction that cashed in on Bhutto’s name. Mubashir is the same hypocrite who accused a dead Bhutto of being an established plant; thus transferring his own sins onto a murdered colleague.

In then second half of his failed political career, Mubashir Hasan collaborated with establishment types like Ghinwa, Imran Khan and Jamaat e Islami.

But yeah, PPP’s founding meeting in 1967 took place in his house. And for 43 years, the same house was used to undermine PPP and slander its dead leaders who could no longer rebut this bitter turncoat Mubashir.