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Sectarian liberals gleeful response to Corona Virus related deaths in Iran



It is one thing to disagree with the government and policies of another country. It is good conscience to call out oppression and suppression across the board- whether it is happening in one’s own backyard or in another part of the world.

But it is perturbing to see expat Desi liberals gloating and justifying deaths caused by the Corona virus in Iran.

One can see multiple Desi sectarians sharing what they describe as satellite images of recent mass graves in Iran. Their source is the Washington Post – owned by arguably the richest person on the planet and someone who has a $600 million data-related contract with the CIA.

In other words, not the most reliable or objective source. However, it is the glee with which these images are being shared and described that is disturbing.

Iran, like Syria, Venezuela and Yemen is facing crippling sanctions forced on it by the United States. The Washington Post both supports and promotes these inhuman sanctions. The lack of access to medicines and treatment is a direct result of these barbaric sanctions.

The sectarian Desi liberals gloating over these images always lecture and talk down to others. One of their favorite crutches is Science – a field where most of these liberals are as qualified as the local rabid mullah.

If these sectarian liberals were really respectful of the scientific method, they would have been able to make the simple correlation between virus related deaths and the lack of access to medicines.

As for their claim to be more sensitive to the humanities, let’s reiterate that these are the same folks who are cheering on and justifying epidemic related deaths just because of their vicious sectarian bigotry against the human victims.

The virus has infected humans globally. Italy is facing a dire situation. China was facing a similar situation a month ago. We don’t even know the full extant of Covid -19’s impact in the United States given the horror show of a government and opposition there.

We know that the Conservative Party response in the UK to this pandemic is abysmal. No country, including China and Iran has handled this crisis perfectly. A little decency and remorse would not be remiss.