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Imran Niazi has failed to address Corona virus concerns


Nobody can accuse selected prime minister Imran Khan Niazi of being intelligent. We knew that a wonderfully talented team carried Imran Khan’s cricket career. That aside from his obvious genetic gifts, Imran other achievements were massively over-hyped.

But we mistakenly thought that he could at least address a medical emergency – what with the Shaukat Khanum Memorial (SKMH) hospital run by his family and him. We thought that he would be more sensitive to a global crisis like the #CoronaVirus.

After all, once his cricket career winded down due to old age, It was SKMH that ostensibly paid for Imran Niazi’s bills.

But Imran Khan has failed miserably. Instead, it is once again PPP that has come to the rescue; at least in the Sindh province. Imran is no where on the scene. Previously, he used to emerge once in a while to spew misogynistic and homophobic slurs against his political rival, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

Now it seems he is too coked out of his mind to effectively handle this grave crisis facing Pakistan and the rest of the planet. In the 1980s, we dismissed the claims of whistle blowers (like Qasim Umar and Saeed Ahmad) in the cricket team that Imran Niazi was a junkie and a narcotics peddler. Now it looks like they may have been correct.

Either ways, there can be no bigger slap to Imran Niazi than General Bajwa declaring an emergency on this issue.