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Corrupt corporate media Barons are not symbols of media freedom


Since yesterday, some of us have been asked why we are not lining up to protect corrupt media barons like Shakeel Ur Rahman.

“Protest NAB’s treatment of Shakeel ur Rahman; otherwise there will be no one to protect your rights”, they say.

Well, you can take this facetious and hypocritical argument and shove it. Not only is it a false argument. It is also been proven wrong.

NAB has been targeting PPP and its leaders in a plethora of trumped up cases instituted by Nawaz Sharif. And corporate media like Shakeel’s JANG and Hameed Haroon/Saigol’s DAWN group has been the handmaiden of NAB in their anti-PPP witch hunt.

If Shakeel and his paid supporters are that concerned about freedom of the press and the protection of journalists, where were they when JANG and DAWN were passing judgement against PPP?

Where were Shakeel and Hameed Haroon when PPP was being lynched by NAB?? Oh Wait, they were part of NAB’s lynch mob.

This is the same Shakeel Ur Rahman who chided protestors that he was running a business, not a charity after laying off hundreds of journalists and staff. This is the same Shakeel Ur Rahman who pays Rs. 4,200,000 a month to sectarian bigots and anti-Ahmadi PML N hacks like #HamidMir. But who does not pay Rs.50,000 a month to the support staff and independent and leftist journalists.

This is the same Shakeel Ur Rahman who used to spew blackmail that his media group could make and break governments (on the signal of the establishment)

Now Shakeel and his band of commercial liberal sellouts want us to feel sympathy for getting exposed on corrupt real estate handouts from PML N!

Why don’t the Shakeel’s, Haroons, Saigols and Sharif take out a protest march against the big, bad establishment – which they served for decades!

The rest of us have bigger concerns than taking a beating for corruption enjoyed by corporate media barons like Shakeel.