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PPP government in Sindh has taken the lead in preventive measures against Covid -19


So as per a WhatsApp text just received from an engineering friend, Aga Khan Hospital in Sindh, Karachi is offering a 2-step Corona virus test. The first one costs $15 USD and it is a screening test. If certain symptoms are diagnosed, the detailed diagnostic test costs $50.

Compare that to the $3000 + that is being reported in US media for what it cost someone in Miami.

These Pakistani charges are based on todays’ open market rupee – Dollar exchange rate.

Sindh (under the PPP government) in Pakistan has taken the lead in testing, quarantine, preventative, treatment and protection measures for Covid -19 in Pakistan. The other provinces have fallen far behind.

Pakistan’s urban chattering class selectively abuse PPP while maintaining a blind faith in establishment-backed parties like PTI (Niazi) and before it, PML N.

Aga Khan Hospital is one of Sindh’s most expensive private hospitals and it is likely that the PPP government will provide even cheaper testing kits for #COVID19.

For all the disproportionate and often times, unfair criticism, the PPP government has provided revolutionary and inexpensive treatment facilities including scores of heart trauma centers all over Sindh plus cutting edge laser surgery and transplant centers.

Of course, PPP critics will regurgitate a clip of dirty hospital beds in the Larkana district – a district where PPP has faced (rigged) electoral defeat since at least 1997 and where establishment backed candidates deliberately damage social services. Larkana houses the graves of the Bhutto family and deliberately scuttling its infrastructure is the pathetic tactic to attack PPP.

Back to PPP’s handling of the Corona virus outbreak in Pakistan. PPP’s Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and his team (Murtaza Wahab etc) have done an outstanding job. The rest of Pakistan should take note.