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PML N’s Tacit support for the attacks on the Women’s March


Tehreek Minhajul Quran and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) officially condemned the stoning on #AuratMarch2020. PPP has demanded of conducting official inquiry by state of the condemned incident and issued a press release.

PML-n ( darling of commercial liberals and boutique left of Pakistan) is silent over this.

In 2014, Pakistan’s leading Sunni scholar, Dr Tahir ul Qadri supported action against the murderous TTP (Pakistani Taliban).

At that time, then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif labelled all those Pakistanis as “traitors” who did NOT support his capitulation to the rogue Taliban factions destroying Pakistan.

There were daily attacks all over Pakistan while the corrupt Nawaz Sharid family negotiated a disgusting deal with TTP. This deal was

“Spare us in Lahore and Central Punjab but kill and pillage the rest”

And of course the same Nawaz Sharif was being promoted as an “anti establishment” Che Guevara who was also the “liberal hope” of Pakistan. Pakistan’s #CommercialLiberalMafia was on Nawaz Sharif’s “patronage” and they wrote column upon column praising Nawaz Sharif in corporate media outlets like DAWN.

Within days of PAT supporting police and military action against TTP, Nawaz Sharif’s brother Shahbaz Sharif and senior PML N minister launched a brutal police massacre of unarmed PAT activists.

Women were dragged out of PAT’s private offices and shot in the face at point blank range. In all over 100 PAT activists were shot and beaten and 14 were murdered. Pakistan’s liberals mocked PAT and cheered this garish massacre.

Nawaz Sharif’s legal council and leading human rights activist #AsmaJehangir’s role was also problematic in this event.

Pakistan’s liberals and self anointed media champions like #HamidMir etc not only supported the massacre of PAT activists. Some of them justified it as a revenge for the 2007 botched operation against the notorious Lal Masjid.

A section of Pakistan’s liberals have a sectarian affinity with Lal Masjid. This includes Nawaz Sharif as well as Hamid Mir.

Remember that when you read about how Lal Masjid fascist goons attacked the women’s march yesterday. And how the spineless PML N/Jibran Nasir/commercial liberal sellouts remained silent and wishy washy on this.