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Women’s March attacked by Jibran Nasir’s Lal Masjid thugs



All over Pakistan women participants marched to protect the rights of working class women. This march was opposed by PTI and supported by PPP. PML N as always remained spineless and complicit in misogyny and repression. This march was also attacked by #JibranNasir’s Lal Masjid Takfiri hooligans.

In 2015-16, liberal opportunist and sectarian hypocrite, Jibran Nasim obliquely supported Lal Masjid by derailing a protest movement against it. He acted as a #TrojanHorse and was exposed when the late Khurram Zaki continued a valiant and mostly lonely protest movement against the notorious, ISIS-affiliated Lal Masjid.

Jibran wanted a diluted, cosmetic and vague censure but Shaheed Khurram Zaki was more courageous and refused to play ball. Zaki was arrested with his daughter as he lead a solitary protest against the Takfiri vigilantes of Lal Masjid. As Some activists in Islamabad scrambled to
release Khurram Zaki, Jibran instead used his opportunistic social media platform to chastise Khurram.

He chastised a brave human rights activist like Khurram Zaki and ridiculed him for not coordinating a mock protest with the police.

This is how Jibran and other members of Pakistan’s #CommercialLiberalMafia operate. They are corrupted opportunists who pander to elite and foreign NGO interests. They organize their activism based on agendas that go against the interests of ordinary Pakistanis.

These dishonest opportunists care more about scoring the next tranche of NGO funding than they actually do about the issues they claim to represent.

Khurram Zaki sacrificed his life for standing up to the Takfiri fascists of Lal Masjid and his friends and comrades remember him today.

On the other hand, the same Jibran Nasir did his usual C-grade histrionics by crying crocodile tears when Khurram was threatened and subsequently murdered by Takfiri terrorist groups linked to the Lal Masjid.

Today, Jibran limits his shady activism to slanderous attacks against the besieged PPP Sindh government. When PTI, the judiciary and other actors of Pakistan’s Deep State are involved, this spineless Jibran remains silent.