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Liberal Hypocrisy on Modi



When Barack Obama and Nawaz Sharif we’re conducting their bromance with Modi in 2014-16, Desi Liberals did not raise a pipsqueak. Like the hypocrites they are, they not only kept silent but often misrepresented Nawaz Sharif as a liberal hope, an “anti establishment” icon.

Of course, we all know that Nawaz Sharif turned out to be a completely spineless, right wing, deal marking coward who cut a deal and ran away again.

Obama’s sheen has long worn off and his legacy has not aged well.

Liberals selectively attacked ONLY Tulsi Gabbard for her association with Modi!

They did not condemn the US Senate or Congress who gave a rousing welcome to Modi. Nothing to the Clintons or Obama. Even Trump was largely spared on Modi.

Tulsi was singled out and smeared because she is a practicing Hindu. No doubt her stance regarding Modi is problematic and deserves censure. It does not reconcile with her message of tolerance and peace.

Then again, Tulsi is the only prominent US politician, barring Bernie, who has raised her voice against illegal US wars and interventions in half a dozen countries with Muslim majority populations. The combined population of these countries is over 200 million Muslims of both mainstream sects + Christians, Druze, Jews, Ezidis etc!!

Those liberals who give lectures against nationalism and Fascism are only concerned about these issues when it comes to Trump. They don’t care when Biden and Obama are supporting fascists, Al Qaeda and Neo Nazis. It does not matter if the Biden team has addressed this. On the balance, the liberals are not significantly different when it comes to backing the most problematic nationalists on the planet.

This includes Desi and expat liberals who find common cause with Qatari propaganda shills and Uncle Toms like Mehdi Hassan.