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Erdogan – The Nawaz Sharif of Turkey



Erdogan is the Turkish Nawaz Sharif – more capable and self made but just as dirty and compromised.

If you want to understand Erdogan, study Nawaz Sharif carefully. Nawaz Sharif built his career and now considerable Central Punjab constituency on the same hard right wing trader business class that was strengthened by General Zia ul Haq and General Hamid Gul of ISI along with others.

Erdogan has his constituency among sectarian Ikhwani types who tend to be Salafist. He also appeals to Turkish hyper nationalists who dream about the Ottoman Empire. In Pakistan, this vote bank used to be with Sharif but has now gone to Niazi. It will walk back to Sharif if they think power has shifted.

Erdogan also has a vicious sectarian streak where he has slandered and used hate speech against Shia Muslims (Turkey like Pakistan has a 15-25 % Shia population). In Turkey, Shias are often referred to as Alevis – not to be confused with the Syrian Alawites.

Erdogan encapsulates the worst elements of hyper nationalism, sectarianism and corruption. Just Like Nawaz Sharif, Erdogan has invested significantly among commercial liberal types in the West who portray him as a Modernist Democrat.

Like Nawaz, Erdogan is essentially all talk and no action. He is spineless. At all times, he is pretending to stand up to other regional and global
Powers. But never alone. If he wants to attack Russia, it will be as part of NATO. When he wants to buy Russian missile systems, he will black Europe and the US.

He is quick to make a deal and reverse his principles, another hallmark of Nawaz Sharif. And like Nawaz, he is a coward who relies on global super powers do do his bidding.

He is also a hyper nationalist chauvinist who practices the slimy Ikhwan style of politics. Just as Nawaz Sharif’s career has been as a gutter Jamaatiya.

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  • Syrian Alawites and Turksih Alevis are almost similar people just the difference is the language and few customs. Hatay or Iskenderoon was part of Greater Syria or Assyria before Islam.

    Ottoman Empire was never against Shias or Alevis infact they supported both Druze and Shias against European powers.