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There are more Khojaly in Pakistan than Azerbaijan – by Aamir Hussaini


Hypocrisy and Selective demands of justice for Genocide-Victims are discourse of media-owners in Pakistan

Today in all English Newspapers including DAWN media group a quarter page advertisement titled with ‘Await Justice’ has been published by All Pakistan Newspapers Society – APNS about killing of Azerbaijani People by Armenian armed forces in Khojaly while declaring it ‘genocide’.

Some figures have been given in that ad,which reveals that 613 Azerbaijani people had been killed, including 106 women, 63 children and 70 elderly people, wounded people were 487. While 1276 were taken as hostage and tortured and 130 children orphaned.

AD ends on a demand:

“We Demand Justice For Khojaly”

Last line is read:

“Published by APNS in the public interest.”

Have you seen ever such Advertisement by APNS in peak of faith based violence and terrorism against Shia, Sunni, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Ahmadiyyas by Takfiri tendency emerged from Sunni Deobandi Muslim sect?

Have you seen such advertisement from APNS in which the term
‘Shia-genocide’ had been used?

I have compiled and translated a book titled with ‘ Shia Genocide in Pakistan: Reality or fiction. In that book last part has chronically compiled data of Shia killings in Pakistan till 2015. Let Us Build Pakistan – LUBP website has data of Shia killings till 2019 and its has complete data of killings Sufi Sunni Muslim.

Numbers of Shia Muslims killings are very high in Pakistan as compare to Azerbaijani people in Khojaly, even just in Dera Ismail Khan numbers of killed, injured, orphaned Shia Muslims are very much higher than numbers of killed, injured, hostages and tortured in Khojaly. But we never have seen such sympathy showing through advertisements in newspapers by APNS, why? Even a single CEO or Owner or President of any media group in Pakistan I never saw him/her using term ‘Shia-genocide’.

You should read deeply researched paper ‘Media Discourse on Shia Genocide in Pakistan’ by Professor Abbas Zaidi in my compiled book. This research paper concludes that our mainstream media’s discourse on Shia Genocide is either based on obfuscation or based on justification or based on denial or it turns to set false balancing or false binaries which result in negation of Shia Genocide in Pakistan.

It was LUBP website which very first time in the history of Pakistan pointed out obfuscation of identities of the killed Shia Muslims and killers while publishing the news and the reports about faith based violence in newspapers. Many years later DAWN media group began to write Shia identity while publishing news about faith based violence and militancy against Shia Muslims but it very rarely used ‘Deobandi(Takfiri) militant groups but often used Sunni Muslim extremist or Sunni Muslim Jihadist group for LeJ or #SSP or Jundullah or TTP.

Case of Shia-Muslims in Pakistan is of organized process of marginalization which with the passage of time transformed into organized slow-Genocide in Pakistan. It was case of brains-drained of not only Shia-Muslims but of Pakistan too. 800 doctors we can single out from the available data which were targeted to killed just their Shia identity. But APNS or our liberal intelligentsia never sensitized the people through such advertisements which we have seen today about Khojaly in English Press.

Before two days I was with Shoaib bin Aziz, former DGPR Punjab at food restaurant ‘Somramo’ in Lahore opened by son of Mujib-ur-Rahman Shami, a member of APNS and Chief Editor of daily Pakistan Lahore. Shami Sahib was also there. Shoaib bin Aziz told Shami Sahib, while introducing me to him about my compiled book on Shia-genocide, in reply he asked me whether I had told one-sided story or both sides of the story. I asked him, “Sir, why you have felt necessary to need such question?”

“Because Shia-genocide term is problematic title in your compiled book”, he replied in Urdu.

“Problematic in what sense, Sir?”, I asked.

Because Shias and Sunnis were fighting each other and killings have not happened just of Shias but of Sunnis also like numbers of leaders of SSP by Shias, so it was not one-sided killing campaign but from both sides”, he said. To hear this I kept silent because he was balancing of 22 thousands killings and hundreds of attacks on Shia-processions, Shia-Imambargahs, mourning commemoration gatherings with few dozen killings of Takfiri extremists with 22000 Shia killings. This general false narrative is very common among liberal and right intelligentsia based on bigotry and false binaries.

Even it is unfortunate that our Marxist intelligentisa remained confused on this question and many adopted the narrative of liberal section on this question. I have seen big guns of our mainstream media and civil society becoming apologetic on the said question. Even there are many Shia in liberal section who are big hypocrites and dishonest on this question.

I am very disturbed and feeling very angry to see the deep concern of APNS for ‘Khojaly’ but their dishonesty and their apologies on Shia killings. Why they never showed such sensivity and concerns for Shia-genocide in Dera Ismail Khan. Case of Dera Ismail Khan’s Shia is more serious, more tragic than Khojaly’s Azerbaijanis.